3 Easy Back To School Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial

Here you go! A hair tutorial on 3 easy back to school hairstyles! Whether you’re actually in school or not, you’ll love these hairstyles!

Middle school, high school, college, whatever back to school is a big time so here are some very different hairstyle options for you! These are great for beginners and are very quick. You can do them in less than 10 minutes, maybe even 5 minutes! Of course I included braids (you know I love braided hairstyles). You can rock either of these half up half down hairstyles or the updo to make a statement going to school. This video is a little different because I decided to add in some fashion / outfit inspo. I’m not *super* fashion-y, but I thought it’d be fun to talk about the outfits that go with these styles. Hope you enjoyed my ootd ;D.

★What I used:★

  • Sally’s Beauty MegaGrip Bobby Pins (The best!)
  • Wet Brush Detangling Brush
  • Sally’s Clear Elastics (also, the best!)

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Sporty Spice:
    Asos Everything! Haha
  • Casual Prepster:
    Overall Dress: Asos.com
    Casual T: borrowed from my husband ;D
    Boots: Zara
  • Boho Princess:
    Dress: Asos.com
    Boots: River Island

(Yeah, I really love asos…who wouldn’t?)


  1. I love ❤❤❤❤ Kayley Melissa but I need to watch someone with dark hair for a while.

  2. can you make more 'going to the gym' hair styles?

  3. I could barley do a low pony tail, and after watching this video I am so good at hair.

  4. Unrelated but your dog is SO cute!

  5. I'm growing out my bangs so I'd love to see some hairstyles that I can do to either style them or pin them up in a cute way ?

  6. with your hair, all is perfect

  7. The second one was really ugly and a stupid excuse of a hairstyle. but i loved the last one

  8. +Kayley Melissa what curls did you use for this video? They look great, nice and laid back!

  9. please do a video for short hair girls

  10. I can't get over the second hairstyle. It's so cool!

  11. How do you hide your bobbypins??? I always have a hard time!

  12. I needed this so bad! I'm in Student Council, and I'm having a meeting tomorrow, and I don't want my hair to like a mess!

  13. Question for you – are you doing a french fishtail for the first part of the boho fishtail style?

  14. Thx so much!??I've never been able to find hairstyles that actually work!

  15. How do you do literally any of these hairstyles with a side fringe? I have a fringe, and most hairstyles I like say to take hair from your middle part (like Dutch braids or braided ponytails)
    Please help!

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