3 Easy Hairstyles || Tutorial


  1. your like literally on my private playlist your amazing ♡♡♡

  2. I want your hair colour it's goals love ur personality +roxxsaurus

  3. your hair is sooo beautifull!!!!!

  4. Would u mind uploading video abt ur hair treatment or fav shampoos u r using? Obviously, i got significant hair loss and now i only hav one third of my normal volume. ?

  5. love the rings
    where can i get them?
    anf also u are fit would love to know your secret

  6. omg you're soooooooooooooooo beautiful <3

  7. You make all of these look so easy! If i tried i would probably fail ??

  8. you are so pertty*_* i would die for ur hair!!

  9. +Roxxsaurus i love your nose piercing

  10. can you do a video on how you part your hair and what you do with your hair after you get out of the shower

  11. Omg na prawdę jesteś Polką? Jestem w szoku haha, jesteś śliczna, już ci to pisałam, ale postanowiłam jeszcze raz po polskuno bo WOW 😀

  12. Found a copy of this video uploaded somewhere else.. someone's nicking your vids ?

  13. The way you smile is so zoella-esque 😀 love your videos also!!

  14. So cute ?? I'm gunna try and do the 3rd one for tomorrow ?

  15. Masz przepiękny kolor włosów <3 jaką farbą malujesz?

  16. Hi, you should try to get your camera to frame the top of your head too, in another video with braids I couldn't see the whole hairdo. Thank you very much for the awesome tutorials!

  17. Can you teach how to do a Dutch braid? I really want to learn how to for the summer

  18. Super cool & AWSOME!!!:);)

  19. you are so pretty and every tutorial i saw was great, loved all the hairstyles

  20. Your videos are so inspirational however, they look so bad on my hair as I have that awkward hair type which just frizzes with anything and everything.. pls help xxx

  21. could you teach how to do a waterfall braid

  22. Is your hair naturally straight? ?

  23. Do you realise that you reaaaaally look like Gwyneth Paltrow? ? u're so beautiful. ❤️

  24. Hey there Roxi! I just wanted to say I love everything about you! Also, your really pretty, I wish I could have your hair, it's beautiful! Are you naturally British?

  25. Ugh my hair is soooo thin, I wish I could do all these! Also you could be a model oh my gosh your cheekbones are so defined! You're beautiful!

  26. Hiya love your account I tried the last hairstyle on my hair but it didn't work because my hair is thick and long. Do you have any ideas that might help me? Thanks xx ps I'm from England!!! ✋

  27. Omg i love all of your videoa theyve helped me out so many times either im running late and do a cute hairstyle or a fishtale bun whatever anyways i envy ur channel!! Youre so perf!! And yout so good with hair i just LOVVE your channel i watch all your videos and i m always on top when u post a new one 🙂 thx for being awesome plz keep posting! You're the best !!

  28. Addicted to your youtube channel and instagram❤ so goooood?

  29. Anybody else think she could be a model?

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