3 Easy Minimalistic Manicure Ideas!



  1. Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by and watching this video, hope you like it! Which one is your favorite?!

  2. I really like all these manicures. Truthfully, I love watching the fancy nail art videos on YouTube. But, practically, I don’t have the time to do all that and because I make my living as a piano player I have very short nails. This video shows ways to take a basic mani (even on short nails) up a notch with some fun touches. Thanks! I’d love more like this.

  3. Pink on the pinky makes sense to me.

  4. These designs are so cute and pretty…. love it….

  5. Hi I loved these designs will definitely be trying the first and second ones thank you x

  6. Cool nail art. Sometimes I like to keep it simple…especially when I don't have much time. Thanks for the ideas and have a wonderful day! ☺✌?

  7. Hannah can you tell us about peel off basecoats and like which one is the best????? Also I like the sequined one!

  8. They look so good!! My favourite is the last one 🙂

  9. I like the silver stripes. Easy and elegant and goes with many base colors. TFS ☺️

  10. Where do you get the red nail color?

  11. Hannah, please please please make more nail art videos for us!???? We love them!

  12. What's The Meaning Of 'Minimalistic'????

  13. Love The Sequined One!!! I'll Try This.You Are My Fav Youtuber Ever Hannah.I Follow You Since 1 And Half Years.I Love You Sooooooo Much.Keep Growing.You Deserve 1M Subscribers…And You Will Do It Soon.
    Lots Of Love From BANGLADESH…

  14. Love the the purple stone and the chrome stripe design Hannah

  15. They are all cute and simple! The second nail art is my favorite!

  16. The last nail polish color is stunning! !! Can you do more simple manicure videos please, I love this ?

  17. So cute!! Did the dark Floss Gloss polish stain your nails? I get such bad staining with that one! ?

  18. I love simple nail art ideas!

  19. The jewel nails are the best!

  20. OMG
    these designs are so preety loveu

  21. I ? all 3 Nail Designs
    ? ??! But my Absolute Favorite Design is the 3rd one. For some reason I ? the Charcoal Color & the simple striping tape just Made it so Beautiful.

  22. I liked them all but the last one was so elegant-perfect for fall or holiday parties.

  23. I LOVE the jewel tones one, it's just so pretty and I just loved jewel tones colors in general. The minimalistic one is pretty too!

  24. 1:48 Is It Easier To Dip UR Nail Into The Glitter ???

  25. I LoVe AlL of the paint Ur Great ☺☺☺

  26. I love jewel tones for Autumn! Great job Hannah. ?

  27. When you said "pink on the pinkie nail" I let out a giggle lol! Great job!

  28. I loved the second one. So cute. Thanks

  29. The jewel toned mani was my fav! Will try it for sure!

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