3 Easy Romantic Hairstyles!

I feel like these 3 will have you covered no matter what this summer, but tell me in the comments how YOU would wear them! πŸ™‚

Love you guys!


  1. how do you get your hair so thick…mine used to be thick but it has been thinned over the years as a result of bad hair salons and haircuts and ive been having trouble getting back the thickness and length in my hair…do you have any tips on how to do that???

  2. how did you get your hair to grow thicker..because it looks thicker in certain videos

  3. Beautiful! I love the hairstyles you show, and I really appreciate it that you make it easy as possible to follow the steps… But can you please tell us or maybe have another video showing how you care for your hair? It always looks so soft and healthy, and I was hoping you could provide any tips to help me. I have very coarse, thick hair, and that makes my mornings very frustrating! Thank you!

  4. what did you use to curl your hair in this video? a wand? if so how big?

  5. I love the first one and second one

  6. I love the pony tail! I might use that for valentines day!

  7. I love her channel because she does the hairstyles her self and not on some one elses hair which makes more possible for myself to make these hairstyles! πŸ™‚

  8. Hey there!! I love your stuff! Would you be interested in a fave channel swap with me!? I would LOVE it if you are up for it–let me know ! thx!

  9. I really marvel at people who can do so many and so different beautiful hairstyles, EVERYONE should do more with their hair, it's just such a big part of your outer look and can present so much of your personality. Thank you for all your inspiring videos, especially the short and easy ones everyone can do πŸ™‚

  10. I suck at securing hair around the elastic of a pony tail… PLease show us how you do that so perfectly! thank you!Β 

  11. is your hair still in ombre highlights ?

  12. hey kayley how did u get these curls?? PS hairstyles are gorgeous πŸ™‚

  13. These are gorgeous! <3

  14. I love how much time and work go into your videos. It really shows!

  15. Hi Kayley!
    I noticed your video's have changed a little bit.Β  We don't get to hear your thoughts at the beginning of your tutorials like we used to! I miss that!Β  Otherwise, I still love all your styles and think they're so easy to re-create on my own hair.Β  Keep up the fantastic work!

  16. LOVING all the different backgrounds in your videos! They are super cute, plus the hairstyles are adorable/awesome!!

  17. So cute! & i looove this background I can't figure out how you do it but it looks awesome really ties in the whole video:)

  18. Love love love the background ?

  19. I did the second braid yesterday at school with a couple little flower bobby pins along the braid and got some many compliments!

  20. Is your hair naturally wavy/curly? It's so gorgeous!

  21. I love the styles and I love your setting, the flowers are lovely! <3

  22. Girl! you must know this by now, but YOUR HAIR <3! I feel like with a hair like that you donΒ΄t even have to try putting on makeup + cute outfit, you hair makes you look put together! Jealous in a good way, soo letting my own hair grow, from a pixie hair cut, I want it as long as yours. Let see how long it takes me!

  23. My hair is so thick that whenever I pull on my braids to make them bigger, you can't tell I did anything haha. Love these styles!

  24. I absolutely ADORE all three of these hairstyles! Keep up the good work!(:

  25. you sound sad in this video πŸ™

  26. You just keep looking lovelier and lovelier! Thanks for sharing! I always appreciate your videos πŸ™‚

  27. Hi, could you do a Ariana Grande Inspired hairstyle? I really can't get it! thank you!

  28. Bah, more curly hairstyles πŸ™

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