3 Effortless Date Night Hairstyles!

Have fun this Valentines Day, whether you’re relaxing on your own, with friends, or a significant other!

★What I’m Using:★

  • Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press Spray
  • NuMe Lustrum Set: 1″, 1 1/4″ and 3/4″ irons*
  • Herbal Essences 0 Dry Shampoo
  • Tresseme UnDone Hair Spray

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Bombshell: Forever21 Jumper
  • Flirt: TJ Maxx Shirt
  • Romantic 1: Target Dress
  • Romantic 2: H&M Jumper


  1. Thank you, i need this video for my first perfect date?

  2. So amazed!!! I love this so much!!

  3. Best two-section pony tail I've known so far! <3

  4. How many hours does bombshell would last?

  5. Your videos are genius! I have family soft and light hair and I am always looking for ways to add volume and a more of a fuller effect especially in ponytails. LOVE your videos!!

  6. What is the brand of her curlers? I couldn't catch it.

  7. so much arm workout, man look at those arms! you go girl!

  8. you look a bit like alexis knapp

  9. This video is so awesome thanks kaytley

  10. I basically just found your channel???but I love the way you explain your processes compared to other channels I have seen. I'm so exited to try lots of these styles!!!

  11. i love you! you are the most prettiest girl alive to me and i love your hair its so pretty healthy shiny and smooth and your videos are amazing you should at least have 1 million and more love you

  12. Which one of the NuMe sets do you recommend?

  13. Just did the romantic style now 🙂 so simple and pretty thank you

  14. The waves look beautiful I must try them out! X

  15. Please do tight heatless curls but not pin curls everyone is doing them I want to c somthing diff

  16. what brand is the curling iron ?does anybody know??

  17. This is such a cute video! I love it!

  18. I have that exact curling wand set and I've been looking for hairstyles to do with it. I'll definitely try this one! And I thought it was pronounced "tousled" like the sound in "towel." Have I been saying it wrong my whole life?!? Thanks Kayley!

  19. LOVE the ponytail look and the idea! You are SO creative! I am totally doing this next time.

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