3 Exercises To Get WIDER HIPS | Tips To Reduce HIP DIPS (Rounder & Fuller CURVES)

Here’s another beginner-friendly hip dips workout routine that can you can do enhance your curves. All 3 exercises will target the gluteal muscles surrounding your hips. Start with a 10 lb dumbbell for the single hip thrust. As you progress increase the dumbbell weight gradually. Make sure that you perform each move slowly, this will increase the time under tension for the muscles.

You can do this hip dips workout 4 times a week to maximize your results. You can even combine it with the other hip workout recently released.


  1. I've been doing this for 2 weeks and I can truly say it works. its still early for huge results but when I get dressed I can see a difference in my body. You should gradually increase reps and weight(I use dumbells as I do not have a resistance band). Also remember to eat well and lotsss, tons of protein and fats for them curves!

  2. Okay so. I HAVE RLY BAD HIP DIPS (like literally BAAAD) so ill do these excericises and i will try to keep u updated.

  3. For a dumbbell, I used a toddler..

  4. Please people stop saying "I will do it everyday for a month or 2 month " etc. It CLEARLY ALWAYS ALWAYS say at the end of the videos "3-4 times a week" or "2 times a week". You are just starting working out, do what they tell you to do. We are not suppose to do it EVERYday ! Your body needs to rest so read until the end before jumping into a workout !!

  5. So here's the thing, i have a really nice shaped butt, its big and lifted. BUT, I have NO hips what so ever, i look like a brick with an ass. Will this help me grow bigger hips? Can someone help me? Please

  6. I got to ready child for my sweet sixteen execrise execrise execrise

  7. Seriously guys the band makes it soo much harder but you really feel the burn

  8. im gonna try this, im gonna do this a month, twice a day, 4 times a week 🙂 ill check in in a month

  9. what is 3 sets each of 10 reps ? i searched all the internet for explanation but no use someone plz clear it ?

    1. You do 10 reps of the exercise and repeat it 3 times. So in total you would be doing 30 reps…

  10. okay so i already kinda have a big butt and slightly wide hips but i want them to be bigger. Can you make a video on getting a bigger butt for people who kinda already have one?

  11. does ist work?? how are the results????

  12. Can you do a video about transforming an inverted triangle body into an hourglass figure. I would truly appreciate it

  13. I LOVE FIREHYDRANTS I just need a resistance band lol

  14. Does any one know a great place to get resistance bands like in this video?

  15. what about a workout for losing hip fat? I got wide hips already and want smaller ones ??

  16. ill be doing this everyday for a month starting tomorrow and ill come back with the results !!

  17. I'm going to do this for 2 weeks 4 times a week and I'll come back and tell y'all how it worked! ☺️

  18. make more to get thigh gap

  19. What's a good pre workout for runners? I love doing cardio especially running on track but I do believe having a good pre workout will help out a lot. Any options?

  20. anyone, did you try such workouts and they worked with you ?

  21. 1 view and 4 likes this chanel is performing miracles??

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