3 Fairy / Angel / Tinkerbell Hairstyles for Halloween

Products I used:

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Francesca’s Collections
  • Nails: Essie Damsel in a Dress

My Makeup:

  • Blush: Benefit Coralista Blush
  • Highlight: Hard Candy Bronzer in Tiki
  • Eyes: Naked 2 Palette, Inglot, Ink Cosmetics Eye Dust
  • Mascara: Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara
  • Lips: L’Oreal Color Caresse Cotton Pink


  1. You are so pretty. Im jealous.

  2. Please do one on a flower crown 🙂

  3. Please do one on a flower crown 🙂

  4. Can you make a flat iron curls

  5. Well she is she isn't 30 or anything haha. I think she was 23 when she got married but I could be wrong.

  6. Hey.what kind of Flat iron is that?? would you recommend it to others?? cause mine broke and i really reallyyy need a new one 😡 and i really like yours x)

  7. Doing the last one for my school banquet thanx

  8. Next week! I think she said she was 21

  9. can u do a "How to create different looks with hairband " video???!

  10. Floral headband tutorial please! I love it soo much <3

  11. i thought u were in high school.. O.O!

  12. Could you please do a tutorial of Persephone's hair in Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief, please? Because I've been trying and failing, so, please, if you could. Plus it looks really pretty

  13. I want to try the tinkerbell hair but I cut my bangs and I cant try it!! 🙁

  14. how to curl ur hair with a flat iron

  15. i am SO usuing the tinkerbell one tonight!

  16. The thickness and texture of your hair is soo much like mine, this is super helpful. usually hair peole have like mounds of thick hair and i can never do their styles, but everything you do is so beautiful nad creative, THANK YOU

  17. Yes please do a tutorial of flower headband!!!

  18. Can you be my personal hair stylist and makeup artist every single day??? That would be AMAZING

  19. I agree with lovemollythegreat . You don't look old enough to be engaged! But you do look beautiful.

  20. I have a question is that a flat iron that you are using to curl with? I have a flat iron and it said in the instructions that you can use it to curl but I get harsh ridges and lines I guess its not smooth it looks more like a crimped curl so how do you make it look nice and smooth I have recently broke my curling iron so all I have is my straightener.

  21. All you have to do is roll the flat iron around your hair once, and pull it down. Clamp, twist, pull. It helps if the flat iron has curved edges.

  22. its so simple yet adorable love it

  23. I can't wait till you do hairstyles to your daughter someday :')

  24. your married!!!!! wow i thought you wer like younger

  25. cute Tinkerbell hairstyle.

  26. Can you do an 80's girl hairdo?? Please thank you!

  27. I love your make up! May u do a tutorial of it? 😀

  28. it would be cool to see both

  29. Ummmm…just wondering how did u do your makeup like that! Video pls! Cos im gunna be an angel for halloween and that make up is perfect for it!

  30. no! I thought she was in high school MAYBE college! but definitely not old enough to be married!

  31. u are married!? god u look younger! O.o

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