3 Festival Inspired Braids! | Hair Tutorial

I hope you guys enjoy this 3 Festival Inspired Braids hair tutorial!
I love braided hairstyles and festival season so this hair tutorial had to happen! These hair styles are perfect whether you like half up half down, braided updos, or crown braids. They’re super bohemian and ready for any music festival.

★What I used:★

★What I’m wearing:★


  1. You seriously make these hair styles so much easier than any other youtuber I have watched! Thank you so much, I am going to try that last one for work tomorrow, but first I need to go practice haha! ^_^ I am recommending you to my sister and Mom who both have a difficult time learning these styles as well, and I can't wait to see more videos! Mom wants me to get my hair done professionally for my Wedding in April, but thanks to you I may be able to save some money since I am learning to do all of these styles myself! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more!

  2. I would wear the last one its soo pretty

  3. these are sooooo lovely! thanks Kaley!

  4. Hello Miss Kayley., This really helpful plus you are so beautiful. I had you emailed back regarding with the assistance you need for your awesome videos. Hope to discuss this with you soon., You are very lovely and so independent! amazing

  5. Wow! You can style hair more ways than anyone I've ever seen!

  6. I wonder why so many people think that dutch braids are "wrong". Many people say: braid the strand under "rather than over". Many people also call dutch braids "Dutch french braid" or "inverted french braid. Dutch braids are it's own pretty braiding tecnique and defenetly not just a "version" of the french braid. (Sorry for bad english, i am from Denmark)

  7. Love the three hairstyles stunning & gorgeous !!!

  8. Hi Kayley, beautiful video as always. I don't know if you're taking video requests at the moment but I recently saw Selena Gomez' commercial for Latin America with Pantene, it's basically the same hairstyle you see in about every hair commercial and I've been wondering how to recreate it but you're the one who does magic with hair so I thought I'd ask you to make a video on it. xx

  9. I would definitely wear the first one!! Love it!

  10. Hi Kayley! I tried the braided crown in my channel. Yours is better, obviously, but i tried! Greetings from Spain 😀

  11. OMG I was wondering all this time who kayley reminds me…it's obvious that if she had white hair she would be frozen 's elsa!!

  12. I LOVE that last braid! I'm going to try it for work tomorrow… also on you, it reminds me so much of Tangled! You should totally do a Tangled inspired hairstyle video!

  13. when u braid a frenchbraid "invert" its a dutch braid!


  15. The last one is just AMAZING and you look like a beautiful princess with that hairstyle!!

  16. I love the first one, Its lovely

  17. The third hairstyle is my favorite and I'm wore it to cinco de mayo!!!

  18. Love your videos! I use them to help me do my hair for my the beginning of my videos when I do tutorials! Have already used three of your hairstyles! Keep up the awesome work!

  19. What hair treatments or products would you recommend for oily roots with dry damaged ends? I need some advice and I trust you 🙂

  20. In love with the last one <3

  21. I LOVE the crown braid!! I cannot wait to wear it!!!

  22. I am totally doing the crown braid! I've been trying to find a good and practical way to use all of my hair a similar up-do and your way of doing a lace braid is definitely the way to go! Thank you for this!!! Don't stop with the videos!

  23. Congrats on the 1 million subs!!!!!!!!!!?????

  24. I made the last hairstyle, the crown braid, but it tends to fall on my face/eyebrows/ears :/
    How do you keep it so high and tight to your head, Kayley? Any tips?

  25. +Kayley Melissa love your videos

  26. what's the name of the intro song? pls help

  27. I would love you to do the movie hairstyles The Huntsman  winter´s war

  28. What's the name of the initial song, please?

  29. Can the last style be done with hair extensions?

  30. The third one is the most beautiful hairstyle I've ever seen ?

  31. I've never seen such a perfect crown braid!

  32. I m so happy to see your channel hit 1m. subscribers. I am following you since beginning and feeling so close like a friend right now:))

  33. Hello Kayley, I love your videos!!
    would you recommend a tourmaline ceramic curling iron or a titanium curling iron? Thank you and love you so much, stay strong xx

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