3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial!

Here’s a hair tutorial on 3 iconic Star Wars hairstyles! You’ve seen these on Leia, Padme, and Rey; now you can learn to do them on yourself! I think the style of the hair in Star Wars is incredible! And I love looking at how people cosplay them. Today’s hairstyles are from The Force Awakens, The Attack of the Clones, and A New Hope. And I just realized they’re all buns! How funny! Overall, I was really happy to do tutorials on these hair styles from the leading ladies of StarWars!

★What I Used:★

  • Kanekalon Hair from Sallys Beauty Supply (You can also usually find it at other beauty supply stores!)
  • Floral Wire


  1. Mi padre es tan fan de Starwars que me puso de nombre Padme

  2. My kanekalon hair just won’t Want to bobi pin onto my hair. My three attempts were disastrous please send help

  3. What if my eyes don’t go right to above and behind my ears huh what If I’m lopsided

  4. You could put your hair in a half up do and go as Rey and Qui Gon at the same time =) All 3 hairstyles are great but I like Rey's the best. For the Padme bun if you use hair extensions couldn't you shape it before clipping it on? Though I find the idea of putting wire in my hair kind of scary…

  5. for a schoolparty i was dressed as Rey?

  6. I will use Padme’s hairstyle on my wedding day

  7. I love Reys hair style the most .

  8. I could only find jumbo kanekalon braids will that work?

  9. Kayley looks sooooo cute with the Rey hairstyle!

  10. Where can you get those hair pieces to have thicker hair? Do they ship in Europe too or do you have a link?

  11. Her face looks like Harleys queen from suicide squad

  12. I can't do any of these hairstyles because my hair is black girl type of hair

  13. aren't those girls all related? please reply if you know ☺

  14. What are the hair extensions she uses?

  15. Think you could find and do Rey's new hairstyle in The Last Jedi to be released this December? I'm going to dress as her for Halloween and finding it difficult to find any images from the back.

  16. The hair game is strong with this one

  17. I'm a guy. Why the hell am I watching this?

  18. So I found this video while searching for a way to do Leia's hair. I wanted the volume, but other tutorials didn't seem to do that. But you do! I'm so glad I found this video. I went to sally's and bought the braid extensions and they work perfectly! They look like Leia's buns! Yeah! So everyone, go buy those extensions. They are so light weight and worth it. Thanks for the video! You have saved my cosplay!

  19. Kayley you have talent in hair I am really excellent at hair almost perfect but you still are way better I love Leia's hair the best I also love Rey's hair because it is the easiest to do basically but I do like padme's hair but her's is hard to do a little and it will take a long time a few minutes about and also I love Leia's hoth hair with the braid over the middle of her hair and all around but I do also like her other hoth hair where she wore the bun with the braid's that looped a little and came around her hair again I really loved and enjoyed this vid it also was very helpful and amazing❤️❤️

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