3 Minute EASY HAIRSTYLES | Fake Ladder Braid for Long Medium Hair

No-heat/heatless, step by step, quick and easy hair tutorial video, learn how to create a faux waterfall, ladder braid on your own hair, whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy. These easy braids hairstyles will work even on layered hair.

Try out these cute half-up, half down hairstyles and messy bun styles as a quick second day hair, running late school hairstyles for teenagers, a quick work updo, or even as a holiday party, wedding, homecoming, or a prom hairstyles.


  1. how you make curls in this video.

  2. You saved my life! I'm going to graduate from college in two weeks and I didn't know what to do with my hair. Thank you very much for the video and for explain it so well! 🙂 You have a new follower, kisses from Spain

  3. What curling iron do you use in this video?? kiss 🙂

  4. Just see you doing hairstyles easy very beautiful using one for my wedding try one on my daughter for school tomorrow thanks! Will look for more ideas awesome

  5. this s jz so awsme n ezy…i spclly luvd ur elsa braid..superb…

  6. Hi please respond i would like to say hi

  7. Your hair gives so much texture to your hairstyle even without teasing it, it's perfect

  8. This looks so much easier and faster than the regular waterfall braids! Very helpful!

  9. I just found you out on Youtube. I loved your tutorials. Is there a tutorial for a black and tie event? I'm thinking about Gwen Stefani's makeup look, but not sure about the hair. Could you help me?

  10. That camera you have is awesome!! Love it and your hair with and without extensions looks so healthy and shiny. ?

  11. Where can i get these luxy hair attachments. My hair is too thin so i would love to use them. Plz rply

  12. My favorite costume is baby costumes. . I saw a baby unicorn today, it was so super cute.

  13. Have you posted who the winner was for the hair extensions?

  14. My favorite halloween costume is little red riding hood!! xx

  15. My favorite halloween costume is little red riding hood!! xx

  16. Hallöle
    I have found a costum for Halloween. I dress up as a Vampire.

    Bye and best regards

  17. Hallöle
    I have found a costum for Halloween. I dress up as a Vampire.

    Bye and best regards

  18. Loving this hair style Tina, very summery and very quick and easy to do. Many thanks for hair style ideas for daytime and evening wear

  19. love this giveaway!!!
    would love to win
    some hair extensions
    crossing my fingers
    my favorite costume
    is any fairy 🙂

  20. great giveaway!!!!
    my favorite costume
    right now its any
    leopard or cheetah 🙂
    especially because of
    the makeup

  21. My fave halloween costumes are the really gory onces that are mixed with beauty!!!

  22. My favorite Halloween costume this year is Alvin & The Chipmunks but wearing a red dress with the yellow A and carrying around a pair of broken(chipped) monk figurines. 😀

  23. My favorite Halloween costumes are the onesies, especially the ones that are abuot dragons and unicorns!!

  24. My favorite Halloween costume is Pocahontas (:

  25. My fave Halloween costume is raggedy Anne ?

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