3 Quick Hairstyles for Sparkly Hair Accessories!


  1. plzz make a tuturiol of ur hair colour I love u hair colour

  2. You look amazing! So creative as always <3

  3. wow!!!!!the final bun is awesome

  4. I wish you are my sister… Im very clumpsy when it comes to style my own hair.

  5. What kind of pins are you using to hold the bun in place?  Is it just normal bobby pins?  Or some other kind of hair pin?

  6. gonna do the first one for prom tomorrow, it looks so chic! 🙂 thank you!!

  7. I have completely fallen in love with your videos. Basically my daily hairstyle is a pomp/hair down/ hair up. Or just a pony tail. Sometimes a victory roll here or there which I just recently learned. I gave up on buns and updos long time ago. Forget trying to ad any braids in it because what else do I after that!? I have thin hair, but a lot of it. It's very difficult to figure out what to do with all of it. Thank you so much! Love your makeup too!

  8. I reallyyyyyy  love your juda

  9. That second hairstyle is basically the reason I'm growing my hair long. 

  10. I love all of them! But what lipstick is it that you're wearing? That shade looks gorgeous.

  11. You have the most beautiful hair.

  12. I really like the all hairstyles!
    Last one is perfect. that really will work for me to do on parties. Thanks for sharing…:-)

  13. This is my favourite hair tutorial on youtube so far.  Thankyou!

  14. I really really reeealy love your hairstyles they are amazing easy and fast thanx alot 🙂 :* mwaaahx10 

  15. You are my favorite beauty guru!!!!

  16. your hair color is beautiful

  17. You are by far my fav you tuber! 😉 Would you mind doing a simple video on teasing? I seem to have sooo much trouble with this. Thank you!

  18. I love ur videos, could u do a tutorial on miley cyrus' waves from 'Party in the USA'?

  19. I loooove these hair style <3 you are so talented and gorgeous!!!

  20. kayley you deserve a billion subbies! i dont understand why other beauty gurus who dont deserve 1m+ subbies have them. You have inspired me the moment i found you a few years ago. God bless xx

  21. Your so perfect and amazing!!!! Love these styles and all the rest of your videos!!!!!

  22. I've done the second one for a Christmas party and it was really easy and stayed on all night long! Thanks 🙂

  23. I love the last one! It's perfection.

  24. Thanks for inspiring me everydayy 😀

  25. The last bun is easy and looks awesome. I definitely gonna try it. Thank you Kayley for sharing it.

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