3 Spring Trends Worth Trying

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3 Spring Trends Worth Trying

I don’t know about where you live but, in Pittsburgh, the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. One day we’ll have loads of sunshine and the next I’m scraping snow off my car. It’s a tough place to be when you’re anxiously awaiting warmer days and all the cute spring outfits that go along with it.

I’m often one to pack up the winter clothes and replace them with my lighter spring fabrics wayyy before it’s appropriate to do so. I’m doing what I can to hold myself back for another week or two, but in the meantime, I took a look back at some of last year’s favorite trends that will most certainly hold true for spring 2018.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are my go-to for spring and summer dresses. They are nearly always work-appropriate and, especially now, cover up my pasty white legs until I can get around to finding some Vitamin D. As I’ve transitioned into my third decade, I’ve found that my comfort level with the amount of leg I’m showing off has drastically declined–another reason I favor this more conservative length. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good mini dress or pair of shorts but, after winter, I have to wean myself in to those skimpier pieces (typically after a great deal of tinted moisturizer). In the meantime though, the midi dress is my best friend; she never fails me and I always feel great wearing her.

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summer casual midi dress-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking pittsburgh fashion blogger-wellesley and king-@wellesleyandking-petite midi dress

White Jeans

I’m convinced that there’s one way to instantly turn your outfit from winter to spring, and that is by swapping out your favorite pair of dark denim with white ones instead. I wear white jeans constantly in the spring and summer. They brighten up every outfit and look so refreshing after all of the blacks, greys, and earth tones in constant rotation over the winter months.

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Eyelet & Lace

Now, this one may be a bit subjective, but when spring time rolls around and we’re removing all of those heavy winter layers, I prefer to embrace feminine detailing, like eyelet and lace, as a welcome contrast from all of the above. There’s something about the flirty florals and delicate fabrics that feel so good on the skin after several months in a cocoon of wool, knit, and the like.

lace-romper-under-25-wellesley-and-king-pittsburgh-blogger-28 endless rose bell sleeve dress-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingjcrew peplum tank-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

Those are my three go-to spring trends after a long winter: midi dresses, white jeans, and feminine detailing. Do you find yourself also gravitating towards some of the above?

 Tell me, what are you wearing this spring?