3 Tousled Hairstyles Inspired by NYFW!

Today’s Hair tutorial is on these 3 Tousled Hairstyles, all inspired by NYFW! I recently was able to go to NYC with TRESemmé for New York Fashion Week and it was amazing! I wore these kind of bohemian effortless hairstyles. All have kind of beachy wind swept waves and curls. I wore the half up half down hairstyle for the Beauty-Full Volume launch event (And met the collection’s new spokes person, Chrissy Teigen[!!!]). The Updo was for my salon take over and the knotted hair style was for Rachel Zoe. All of these are fairly quick and easy. The last two would be perfect for second day hair!

★What I’m Using:★

  • TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Perfecting Gelee*
  • TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Sweater: Zara
  • Lips: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in “LOST”



  2. Can you maybe do a hairstyle for natural medium/ looser curls? Because i really love your tutorials, except i cant find any tutorials for naturaly medium/ loose curls, thanks!

  3. Why is she so pretty!!!!!!!! Not to mention talented i wouldn't be able to do dutch, fishtail, or an infinity braid with out her they aren't the best but i'll keep practicing

  4. Gonna try to do that boho knot, half-up half-down hair sometime this week.

  5. you are looking very beautiful like always

  6. I love these hairstyles!! They're so amazing

  7. The last one iz amazing but it's soo hard to do it, at least for me 🙂

  8. Kaley how do you keep your hair pretty when it's greesy

  9. I did the first one today for work, it was so easy and pretty 😀 I love your channel

  10. omg I thought it said 3 thousand hairstyles

  11. Urhg I wanted to do the first one. Then I realised all my Bobby pins are disappeared. And I forget them every time when I'm in a drugstore. So annoying.

  12. Could you make tutorials of more updo's that mostly goes on one side and then back (or just the rest let out). I have a side-cut and find many of your tutorials hard to do both because I am a beginner and also because of my hair situation. 😀

  13. @Kayley Melissa where is your turtleneck sweater/tunic from that you wore to fashion week when styling the TRESemmé salon girl's hairs? I am in love with it!

  14. the way you showed to curl your hair is the way I have always done it: don't let go of hair and then tug for volume and effortlessnes. it is awesome to know you approve Kayley

  15. PLEASE PLEASE do more Fashion Week inspired hairstyles!

  16. i just started working at a hair salon and i want to thank you for giving me sooo many easy styles to look presentable at work ???

  17. Love the TRESemme mousse for curly hair. Works well on my 2a/3c curls.

  18. I tried it on my hair. I will never do it again. I looked like a potato compared to her /3

  19. I'm completely in love with the last hairstyle! Can't wait for my bangs to grow out and try it out myself. It's so much easier to replicate than it seems at first glance. Thanks for showing us these!

  20. You are amazing) Pleeease make a video about France/French fashion ispired hairstyles!

  21. you remind me of katie stevens

  22. Using bobby pins to hide your bobby pins.

  23. Great Video!
    This seriosly just came to my mind… So you curling iorn can be called…
    Rose Gold Apple Curler?

  24. I loved the knotted one best!!!! can you please do more knotty messy styles?

  25. I just wanted to say I seriously LOVE all of your videos. I have watched almost every single one and ADORE all of these unique looks. In December I went to a hair show (my aunt needed another hair model) and I let the "crazed" scissor man cut my long blond hair into a lob (not a good idea, considering I worked so hard to grow it before the wedding.) It was great for a month but then of course I missed my well taken care of tresses and regretted my decision. Anyway, I just wanted to say that these videos have been soon helpful with growing my hair back out without using heat and still looking trendy and cute. Thank you so much!

  26. I adored the last hairstyle you make everything looks easy

  27. Very cool, these are something I can do with my natural texture so long as I scrunch it dry. My hair has a slight wave but it's pretty sulky manipulated into being more wavy for the day.

  28. What about a Rachel from Blade Runner hair tutorial?

  29. OMG WE ARE SO CLOSE TO ONE MILLION SUBS!!!!!! Love you soooo much Kayley!

  30. you look so pretty when you wear red lipstick! ??

  31. I absolutely LOVED your braid before you pinned it up, so cute. I love your videos!

  32. ?????????????? love the last hairstyle sooo coool!!

  33. the third one is perfection, i'm totally trying that out soon!

  34. can u pls do a video using no Bobby pin???

  35. anyone know what song she played in the beginning of the video?

  36. You look sooo much like missy sue ?. Seriously, when I saw the thumbnail I thought you were her. You are soooo beautiful

  37. Anyone else think her hair always looks greasy

  38. I absolutely love your hairstyles. I have a problem, though. I have fairly thin hair, so I have a really hard time trying to secure the style. I don't usually have enough hair to hide bobby pins. Do you have any suggestions or styles that are easier for thinner hair?

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