3 Travel Hairstyles Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this 3 travel hairstyles tutorial! You could totally wear these for spring break soon! I feel like it’s a good mix, from something to wear to the airport to braids on braids on braids! At least that’s how I like to do my vacations ;). I hope you enjoy the ponytail, beachy flat iron curls, and half up half down hairstyle!

PS Thanks to my husband Jason for filming while we were on vacation!

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  1. ولا تعليق عربي ههههه?????

  2. I like your hair style very much
    I m rukhsar

  3. Kayley Melissa I did your first hairstyle you did because I am traveling today and I didn't know which hairstyle to do so I did like you thanks because I didn't know what to do at all???

  4. Kayley's strategy to hide dirty hair…. make a braid!!! Love it these hairstyles are beautiful

  5. when your hair is curly fizzy and dry that you can't try any of these ? brw great video

  6. omg i loved the last hairstyle i will try it for sure

  7. Hi Kayley! I loved the Boho Half Updo!
    Just have a few questions for you!
    Which country do you live in?
    Where did you get those pair of sunglasses from? They look so stylish!
    Hope you reply!

  8. I want those sunglasses for my sis

  9. These hairstyles are absolutely beautiful you come up with the prettiest things I love your style

  10. This is perfect. I'm copying the airport hairstyle for my flight tomorrow. THANK YOU.

  11. I love your tutorials! they are so beautiful, though still simple, and your hair is gorgeous! you look a lot like Bridget Mendler who played in one of my little sister's disney channel shows a while back. lol. youre beautiful!

  12. could you please do more travel hairstyles, with some full up-dos?

  13. Amazing!! Love you videos ?❤️

  14. i was just going to malaysia thnx

  15. Can you bring a flat iron/curling iron on a plane?? I remember seeing it on a do not bring list next to fireworks and firearms at the airport.

  16. the ponytail looks amzing on u…ur soo beautiful

  17. Lol this video was published on my birthday

  18. you know kayley, you are my hero.

  19. I really ? and enjoyed all the vlogging in this video I think it was great it helps us get to know you better!! AWESOME JOB!!!!

  20. Also do you think you could do a winter break hairstyles video? Thanks <33

  21. You braid so effortlessly it's amazing <333

  22. Goin' to South Africa…13 hour flight yay!!!(note the sarcasm)

  23. your hair is so beautiful . how did you take care of them ?

  24. Packing light? Dude that was a crap ton of hair stuff!

  25. where do you get the little box with the pins?? sorry for my english i'm from holland

  26. When I first saw the boho half-up 'do, I thought "There is no way that I can do THAT!" As it turns out, it was easier than it looks; as well as being super cute!

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