3 Valentines Hairstyles for Any Occasion!! | FebruHairy Day 4

Products I used in this video:

  • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray
  • Hot Tools 1″ Gold Iron
  • SexyHair Spray Clay

Lip Colors I wore in this video:

  • Flirty: NYX Butter lipstick in Sugar Wafer with Flower Beauty Lip Gloss in Baby’s Breath
  • Romantic: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native
  • Sultry: Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in Fiery


  1. These are beautiful thanks for this amazing tutorial

  2. Hi, Kayley I really like your hairstyle but I seems way too tough for me…can you plz do a beginners hairstyle video as I m starting on to hairstyling lately. Thank you.


  4. I really wish I had your hair. It's thick but it falls perfectly and you can style it so easily. I'm mixed so my hair is very thick, very curly and very frizzy and styling it is hard.

  5. your hair is beautiful, you are beautiful:)

  6. She looks like teddy from good luck charlie

  7. OMG SOOOOO COOL! They are all so beautiful and especially the second one like BLEW ME AWAY. Love em! ♥♥

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! You made this really simple, I have to try the sultry curls!

  9. I tried the flirty one and boys were staring at me thanks a lot you really helped me with what to do with my hair.

  10. For the sultry look. Will I have the same result if I use a flat iron to curl my hair! I absolutely love this look and generally all your videos! :))

  11. I LOVE those curls. Those will be happening next time I go to dinner with my bf.

  12. You look stunning as always! I wanted to thank you! I bought the Gimme Brow by Benefit, because of your video about your eye brows and It's seriously amazing! I was searching for a product like that for so long! So, thank you so much! Oh and by the way, I adore all of your video, they are always amazing! You're seriously my favorite youtuber!
    Sorry for my english, I speak french :p

  13. Kayley, you are so beautiful and inspiring! I drop everything to watch YOUR videos. So keep doing what your doing!

  14. Kayley,
    I am wondering do you use heat protectant spray on hair before using a clipless ceramic curling wand just like you would for a curling iron?
    Loving the hair ideas!!

  15. Hey if u dont mind me asking how long do u reacon it takes to cool down the hair in the 3rd hairstyle ????? 

  16. Absolutely beautiful ! 🙂 Can u tell me what kind of bobby pins u used n how did u used on ur hair that culdn't be seen ? also is ur hair really thick if u dont mind me asking ?

  17. I love all ur tutorials 🙂 I tried the messy bun it looks cute but it looks more beautiful when ur doing it 🙂
    I'm such a fan 🙂 I wish I could be a pro like u :* tca.

  18. I love all ur tutorials 🙂 I tried the messy bun it looks cute but it looks more beautiful when ur doing it 🙂
    I'm such a fan 🙂 I wish I could be a pro like u :* tca.

  19. Is it okay to use a wooden paddle brush ( mines from Aveda ) to tease your hair?

  20. What was your nail polish color?! I loved it so much!

  21. What's your favorite teaser brush?

  22. Will u do a video for thin hair,please? My hair is thin but not fine. So if I do a updo. I feel like I haven't got enough hair to tease to get the volume. And the bun is too small for my face size.

  23. They're all SO pretty! These are my favorite kind of hair looks!

  24. The look is so beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't even BRAID! So sad T_T

  25. You are seriously so gorgeous!

  26. Beautiful Kayley, my favourite was the Romantic one 🙂 Also, just wondering where you purchased the little clips you used when you were setting your curls?

  27. I love your videos so much! And I love your hair 🙂
    From a 12 years old girl in sweden 🙂

  28. What nail polish is that!!???? Btw, love love love as always. Great job!

  29. You have pretty up dose i just subscribe to ur Chanel n i was wondering if you could do an updo hair for a wedding I am going to get married this year on August so I would like to do my hair in a high bun or something like that so if you could help me I would really appreciate thank you xoxo

  30. I love it ! You are so beautiful it's an inspiration ! Love you , I will be forever subscribed !

  31. You my darling are stunning! Xx

  32. merci c jolie est ce que vous pouvez me donnée la référence des couleur que vous avez utilisé par ce qu'il sont superbe et magnifique 

  33. My birthday is on the 12th so I'll do the flirty one on my birthday and the sultry one for Valentine's. Obsessed with these hairstyles! Great job!! xx 

  34. Love them all but I'm not sure I can do any on my hair haha. I have fine hair that is tapered around my face on those side sections so they're not very long and it's only a couple of inches past my shoulders. Simply gorgeous though

  35. Hey Kayley!! Which brand of bobby pins do you use??!! they seem to be pretty secure! Please Thumbs up so she can see 😀 

  36. Omg yes i Love Tati!! Her videos are really niece and one of a kind! I'm gonna try last one (sultry) really lived that one!!

  37. I love the 1st & 2nd one 😀

  38. I love all of the hairstyles! <3 can you do prom hairstyles for this year please? 🙂

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