3 Ways to Curl Short & Lob Hair!

Today’s how to is on 3 ways to curl short and lob length lair! This hair tutorial covers loose, voluminous, and textured beachy curls / waves!

This video was definitely over due! I hope you enjoy learning different ways to curl your hair. The barely there bend will help you with some quick waves. The second curls will get some volume and of course the 3rd curls are texture city! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what short hair tutorials you’d like to see next!


  1. you look so much like Bridget Mendler, fight me if im wrong!!

  2. Kayley I love your sweater, where do you buy those?

  3. Kayley I love your sweater, where do you buy those?

  4. Just got my hair chopped to this length and can't wait to try out these curls!! Thanks Kayley!! xx

  5. You look so happy in this video! I'm lovin the aesthetic and these techniques are super helpful!

  6. Does anyone know why she has been MIA over a week? I thought he is doing videos once a week still…..

  7. I discovered your channel couple minutes ago and I'm already in love ♡♡

  8. Hey! What curling iron do you use?

  9. Could you please eventually get a dark hair wig? Pretty braids and things don't really show up as well on dark hair as they do on light hair.

  10. Your hair isn't short lol it's medium length

  11. Short hair looks so good on you!

  12. Hey kakley I have trouble curl my short hair because it so strigth have you got an idea for me

  13. Do you get payed for this Kayley?

  14. You look really pretty with the short hair and curls ? it suits you!

  15. It looks poofy in the back. If you wear a wig a girl taught me to braid your hair into two braids then pin them over the top of your head so the wig is flat in the back

  16. Oh no now I REALLY want to cut my hair… So cute!!

  17. I love your videos and I've been following you ever since the original "Braid Encyclopedia"!  (Ever miss that green background?  LOL)  I live in the southeast US and it is warm and HUMID most of the year.  I really struggle with frizzy hair.  My hair is fine and straight and pretty long, but I get that annoying "cloud" of frizz whenever I walk outside.  I usually just braid away my hair to try to hide it, but I'm trying to find ways to actually get to the "root" of the problem.  What tips do you have for fighting frizz in humid climates?  Thanks!  😀

  18. How to put on a wig like a pro video would be great! My sister's hair burnt so she has some really short layers at the top and that's the worst. Sometimes it is hard to hide extensions as well. So yea, I'd love to see a video about it from you.

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