3 Ways to *Fake Bangs* with Your Hair!!

These 3 hairstyles are easy, and a great way to mix up your look!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Swater: Marshalls
  • Nails: Formula X Love Chemistry
  • Lips: Maybelline Touch of Spice with Revlon 500
  • Headband: Forever21
  • Hairspray: Healthy Sexy Hair soy touchable
  • Flat Iron I’m using: NuMe Megastar http://goo.gl/Z1j1nm


  1. Im sure this would work, but the thing is that my hair has like 4 inches of dry frizzyish hair on the bottom, so it didnt work, and im scared to cut it, but im going to, and after I cut my hair, im sure it will work

  2. Good god, I'd give up a finger, even a thumb, to have all that thick hair.

  3. doesnt work if you have scragaly ends 🙁

  4. this was very hard for me, since i had long hair, it was hard for me to hold my hair while trying to position my "bangs" i literally just gave up

  5. Thank you for this,nice tricks.

  6. Matter egg soil while injure wash automobile fitness return read ride.

  7. I actually did it but it got in my way sometimes

  8. This really worked !!!!!!!! ??????

  9. my son likes real bangs like the voice of Ursula on George of the jungle if he wants to live over Stephanie McMahon having them after what mr McMahon done to her for almost 15 years like in wcw when ric flair was in control over hulk Hogan cause of the attitude era stars themselves god

  10. u exactly look like princess cindrella??

  11. Whenever I try to recreate kayleys hairstyles I fail.

  12. My hair is too thin so it's looking bad ):

  13. I came here from pinterest!!?❤️?

  14. "most of you don't have hair as much as I do"???….ever seen hair of Indian people????

  15. for all of those saying that you can't fake bangs with an ombre

  16. I can't even tie a ponytail, yet I'm desperate for a hairstyle with anime-type bangs.

  17. hay I'm from Morocco I like you… you look so cute. ..I like your ceramic plate can you till me the name and how mich

  18. You're so beautiful and talented!❤️❤️

  19. I was about to say you look like Cinderella!

  20. u look better without them ;/

  21. u r a hair beauty lady ur hairs r jus gorgeous

  22. I can never do this. Why is it so easy for you!!

  23. you look like cinderella in the second tutorial <3

  24. How do you get your teeth so white? They're amazing

  25. Will u please help me for short bangs

  26. with first side braid you look like frozen anna

  27. I have curly #can't be straightened even if my life depends on it# hair :c

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