3 Ways To Get A Perky Ponytail!



  2. She's amazing and beautiful too!

  3. Your face look like linsay lohan

  4. for the second one, i do that, and it does work. but the bobby pin hurts my scalp, after a while.
    am i doing it wrong? how do you prevent that?

  5. Love it! The details that make a difference 😀

  6. If you use these techniques, does it fall out when you work out?

  7. I love this video because, it's short, easy to do, and clear. In addition, there are not too many "complicated" or "expensive" products that we have to buy or even order online. Super thanks. =)

  8. You look like Bridget Mendler!

  9. these are actually some really good tips! I dont like wearing my hair in a ponytail when i go out for the reasons you mentioned, so i 'll have to try those to give a myself a cuter ponytail

  10. can you show us how to do a French knot

  11. I really like the second hair tie and the clip method.. I tried them and they work really well (:

  12. I'm confused on bobby pin I so need this fix but can't figure out the pin part

  13. Please so a hair care routine! Your hair is perfect! x

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