3 Ways to Waterfall Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Today we’re learning 3 ways to waterfall braid! This hairstyle tutorial is here to help you learn how to style your waterfall braid!

I hope you guys enjoy these couple of half up hairstyles. I always found it hard to know how to wear a waterfall braid, so it was fun to make this beginner friendly video. I feel like I may actually start wearing waterfall braids more! I hope you enjoy this video.

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I love you guys! Thank you for watching my videos!


  1. hey can u do a tutorial character hairstyle about katara from avatar the last Airbender???

  2. These were so good, maybe for homecoming!

  3. my waterfall braids never stay in place for a long time, they losen up very quickly. Anyone got tips on that? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

  4. Could you make another video on how to do a crown braid please?? Great video by the way!

  5. Kayley you are my FAVORITE hairstylist on YouTube!!! I LOVE all the effort and time you put into your videos!! Your tutorials have helped so much that people have offered to pay me to do their hair, and I owe that all to you!! If you responded it would make my day!!!

  6. I really do love the bohemian styles but I truly love the water fall sided look the most.

  7. How Many degrees are you using?

  8. The hairstyles from Age of Adaline!!!

  9. Can you do a dutch braid but with an infinity braid?

  10. Am I the only boy HAIR
    Is something wrong with me

  11. which curler did you take? 38 mm?

  12. I love the video but the problem is I have black hair and after a lot of work in look at the mirror and see nothing

  13. Can you di a video on how to get rid of baby hair/ fly aways

  14. Can you please do homecoming hairstyles??

  15. She definitely deserves more than 1 million of subscribers!

  16. Isnt she gorgeous!!! Uhh ??
    i love you❤ ! The second style is Boomb, for sure im going to try doing it soon ?? thank u ???

  17. love these hairstyles and absolutely loving ur top <3

  18. Sometimes I wish my hair wasn't so damn dark

  19. Hey what curling iron do you use as they always look so flawless x

  20. You are serving literal Greek goddess ??

  21. There's one tiny problem… Even when I braid all of my hair, my braid isn't that thick like your "small" braid in this video… 🙁

  22. I love the first one! Can you please do some overnight heatless soft waves for medium hair?

  23. I have failed this braid so many times lol no matter how many tutorials I watch! My hair is in too many layers! LOVE THIS though. xo

  24. I love your videos could you do a character hairstyle for Alex Parish from Quantico I love her hair and I would love to see you try to recreate it

  25. I love the astetic (¿?) In your videos. So satisfying

  26. Can I get some English subscribers please ?

  27. I didn't subscribe to this channel why did I got a notification tf!.

  28. Could you do the banana bun next?

  29. I always thought waterfall braids were too difficult for me, but I finally got it with your last video! And with this one you gave me good ideas of hairstyles with them!
    Quick question: in your opinion which one of these hairstyles can work well with 2nd day hair? My hair is fine and I struggle to find what to do with it when it's a bit flat, after 1 day or 2…

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