3 Workout Hairstyles for the Gym – Easy Hair Tutorial!

Here’s a easy hair tutorial on 3 workout hairstyles! These hairstyles are great for on the go, even if you’re not working out. I worked with Schwarzkopf oh this video, because they make my favorite workout hairsprays!

Today’s hair how to covers hairstyles that can go from the gym to real life. I love a good versatile hairstyle almost as much as braids and I feel like these 3 are perfect! They’re great for whatever sports you’re into whether it be dance, cheer, track…I mean the list could go on forever. Obviously these are great for long hair, but I think you can do this even on medium or shoulder length hair! The only change I would make would be to make the “spin class” style a half up hairstyle.

★What I Used:★


  1. I cannot believe I have never found your channel before :O I searched for other videos similar to what I just put up as I had just put one up (': similar but the hairstyles were nowhere near as good! haha love it <3 I'm a new subscriber and can't wait to watch the rest of your videos!

  2. This channel is so underrated! Love you!

  3. Barre workouts are the best!!!

  4. I definitely do a lot of French braiding on my hair, but for some reason I'm having a lot of trouble trying to braid upside down in the nape. Besides practicing a lot, what else can I do to make it easier?

  5. after doing the first hairstyle I braided the end and it was perfect for my workout THANKYOU KAYLEY MELISSA!!!

  6. Kayley – will you do gym/workout hairstyles for short hair? please… you have that cute wig with short hair.. 😉
    ps. I watch your channel from Poland. 🙂

  7. Love these and I especially love the tip on a new way to do the top knot…will be trying this…Thanks!

  8. hello, where did you get your sunglasses ?? they are awesome 😀

  9. Someone braid me pls cuz I just can't

  10. So cute! I have to try these out.

  11. If only i could do this lmao hair too thick for that updo life

  12. do you have a video on how to french braid?

  13. I do suggest that if you do the barre one for ballet class you do slightly more secured bun (like a two coil bun or just a stronger bun)

  14. I am the only one who thinks that she looks Margot Robbie?

  15. The way you pronounce Schwarzkopf hahaahhahahhaaha it's ok, only people who know German will notice..

  16. the first hair style is the best

  17. The hairspray completely missed your head

  18. I love the spin class hairstyle, and yet I can't do a Dutch or French brade!!!!

  19. Thank you for the ideas 🙂 I know the second hairstyle would work for running, but I was imaging if you could give more ideas of hairstyles for runners. I also would love to see hairstyles for cycling! I have been trying some, but is not everything that works with the bike helmet 😐 Anyway thank you so much for all the tutorials! Love from São Paulo 😉

  20. i can't do one of these, that's how untalented i am

  21. Do you have any for crossfit i have alot of hair and my hair is a bit stubber not to mention the flyaways drives me nuts

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