3 Workout Ready Hairstyles + DIY Headband

I think these are also great for baggy sweater days. They get your hair out of your face and keep it out, which is great for so many occasions.


  1. Who’s watching in December 2017?

  2. Omg i thought u were Linsey Lohan , u look just like her!?

  3. Do you have a tutorial on French Braids? I know sort of what I'm supposed to do but I don't know how

  4. i love this vid but i cant do any of the confusing braids

  5. I have to try if my hair is finally long enough… love the first hair style 🙂 perfect for work!!

  6. Doing the first one for my track meet on Monday! 🙂

  7. I miss your videos. You were the queen!

  8. she post this on my b-day????????

  9. I mean rlly cool….n bdw thnks dea…dis will work on me…lol

  10. Can u do a Ariana grande hair tutorial? Plz

  11. Cady tell Aaron his hair looks sexy pushed back

  12. These are great for competition type of sporting events. (Which I do!)

  13. you are sooooooo prettyyy !!!!!! 

  14. Hairstyle no.2: that does not look like a messy bun at all!!it looked sooo well done!love it!I've watched almost all the vids here on youtube on sporty hairstyles; I foubd to be the best ones.I hope to do it justice when I try it tonyt.

  15. How do you edit your videos?? Btw love the hairstyles!!

  16. I really love the first one!!!

  17. The struggle of having fringe bangs (; ̄ェ ̄)

  18. Can u do an updated braid encyclopedia PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  19. I just subbed!! I love your videos!! Your beautiful:)

  20. Wow your gorgeous! Even without make up. Im 12 and your my beauty inspiration when i get older and am aloud to wear makeup i want to create your make up looks.

  21. I love the third hairstyle! So flattering and easy to do!

  22. Where did you get your jacket??

  23. You look like Freaky friday/Mean Girls-era Lindsay Lohan – this is definitely a compliment!

  24. You look like the prettier Lindsay Lohan

  25. You are really beautiful and your natural hair colour is gorgeous 🙂
    Also, the organisation of your cosmetics has me in awe!!!! Lol 😀

  26. Wow you are super crafty! You're probably the most put-together girl at the gym.  

  27. Sounds stupid but… try a tighter elastic and a large headband lol I swear it can make a difference. Else you can do small braids if your hair is layered and it's the layers slipping off your ponytail. Just make sure to braid the smaller layers together with the longer layers so they all stay together. If all fails… BOBBY PINS lol

  28. The first hairstyle is perfect for a lot of people if their hair works with it because it quite a few organized sports it's a safety issue to wear bobby pins!

  29. Hi, I just started up a makeup and fashion video and i'm wondering if your interested in checking it out and let me know what you think? or have any requests on what I should do next? for the moment I have a skeleton makeup tutorial if you want to have a look, i'd really appreciate it! thankyou! x

  30. I usually just have my hair in a ponytail or a bun when I workout but they keep falling when I'm jumping and stuff. Any girls here who have the same problem? Any tips?

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