30-Minute Barre Toning and Hip-Hop Dance Workout

Get ready to dance, pulse, and plié your way to a toned body with Barre Hop, a barre-based workout infused with hip-hop movements and music, created by Ericka Taylor!

  • On Anna: M/F People top, Cotton On Body tights, and Dr. Scholl’s shoes
  • On Ericka: Alo Yoga top, Goldsheep tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Tristina: Onzie top, Terez tights, and Under Armour shoes

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  1. I love all the dance cardio ones but particularly love this one! Great fusion that works up a sweat without leaving you feeling bulky! Thanks Popsugar!

  2. I want join ur gym have u any branch in abudhabi only for ladies???

  3. This is my favorite workout on here because it has everything I like (barre, cardio and Pilates)

  4. This was the best ever! 😀 Do some ballet class workout if is possible! 😀 Love this <3 Love you

  5. this must have been my worst workout with popsugar fitness. too fast, no talk about form whatsoever, the count of repetitions starts before the movement is explained. You basically have to memorize the whole thing in order to follow. I felt harrassed. Never again.

  6. Oh I feel it in my legs! Great Workout

  7. That was great! Love how I was able to work every part of my body 🙂

  8. I am not a fan of hip hop dance, not because I don't love it, only because I am not good at it. So I almost missed this hidden gem. I regularly work out with bodyweight or weight. This one to me is more like a dynamic work out with hip hop tempo, so my trial turned into a surprise, in a good way. It starts with Barre workout and then hip hop flow and then ends with butt, leg and abs series. I simply love it. Thanks, Anna.

  9. I have done this three times now. Super fun!

  10. This was awesome loved everything about this workout .. this is so my everyday workout now .. thank you ..

  11. I really liked this workout and how creative it was, one request is that the instructors mirror us (use left and say right) so that it is easier to follow along, or just say "one leg and the other leg". It is confusing when they are saying left and you have to either use your right leg to follow the screen or do the opposite of what they are doing.

  12. In love with this fusion….thanx alot @popsugar fitness

  13. When can I join you? Train 8 times a week Zumba Fitness and abdominal legs, as well as Zumba Strong, Bodypump everything for this sport moment with you all. Greetings from Berlin Köpenick to all.?

  14. When can I join you? Train 8 times a week Zumba Fitness and stomach legs Po , Zumba Strong, Bodypump everything for this sport moment.Liebe greetings from Berlin Köpenick to all …

  15. When can I join you train eight times a week Zumba Fitness and abdominal legs Po. All for you greetings from Berlin Köpenick

  16. So much fun! I want more like this one

  17. How much calories burned through this ?

  18. I love your versatility !!! So much fun:)

  19. That was super fun!!! I really felt like the time flew by on this workout! Thank you!

  20. I didn't care for this one. The instructor moved very fast and didn't always explain every detail (like how even Anna didn't know to keep her heels up during one of the barre section moves). Meh.

  21. I saw the chairs in the preview and thought oh no this will be too easy – but alas no she was awesome!

  22. Made my whole day! I know I can always count on popsugar to give me the most out of my workout everyday!

  23. Love the dance – just wish they could wear shirts covering their abs especially when they are spray tanned or have piercings. Distracts kind of like a spider on a wall.

  24. Am I the only one who thinks that Ericka looks exactly like Ariana Grande??❤

  25. This was fun but beware-very little cueing from instructor and transitions are fast.

  26. Love Popsugar workouts but desire more motivating music.

  27. Wow, I really wasn't sure about this one but I LOVED it! It's so great to bring variety to your workouts! And Anna is looking beautiful as always! ❤️

  28. I have a channel too. Please subscribe. I will help support anyone ?

  29. I love your workout but OMG the music is always Fkn Booooring …

  30. Please do more full body dumbbell workouts! Those are my favorite

  31. Man I do every workout they upload. Not a strong proponent of dancing workouts but it's popsugar.

  32. Man I do every workout they upload. Not a strong proponent of dancing workouts but it's popsugar.

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