30-Minute Calorie-Torching Bodyweight Workout

This bodyweight workout from Beth Bishop and Kristin Vallacher of The Phoenix Effect is one of our hardest ever! Grab some water, and get ready to work.

  • On Anna: Vimmia top, Body Language tights, and Puma shoes
  • On Beth: Under Armour top, Varley tights and bra, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Kristen: Vimmia outfit and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • Manduka Mats
  • Corkcicle water bottle

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  1. OMG ? even the cool down was hard!!??and I skipped the burpees ??

  2. Of all the popsugar workouts I've done, this is by far the one that makes me sweat most, even though I am able to do all the moves! (Except the happy donkey, any tips on how to straighten my legs??)

  3. This was very tough and I had problems keeping a good form with the donkey kicks and the last exercise. Had a good time though 🙂

  4. Hey, I really enjoyed parts of this, and definitely got a good workout. But the modifications seem to assume that I am a professional Ironwoman (like the donkey kicks and single leg burpees). Can you re-do it, with the same good moves, but with real modifications that allow me to work without getting injured?

  5. A little bit unmotivating considering the leader wasn't doing much lol. I'd love to see more of Anna leading ((:

  6. I really enjoyed the instructor and her knowledge but the workout was very clumsy. How can you have great form when the moves are that awkward? I understand that it's a challenge but this will cause injuries even for the advanced.

  7. This is one of the best workouts I think I have ever done. My heart rate was up the whole time and my muscles felt worked the next day.

  8. This was a very intensity workout. Left me sweating and panting!! Loved it!!!

  9. Pulled my shoulder doing this one, four reps of the same routine was kind of boring and some of the moves were a little too clumsy (donkey kicks and single leg burpees) By the end of it I felt like I could have gotten a better workout doing less crazy moves

  10. I m form India enjoying your 30and 45min workout

  11. Oh my gosh this was a good workout.. last two rounds I really felt it. Wowwwww

  12. This is too complicated. Unnecessarily so. Uninspiring to see the leader hanging out and not working out herself. Stopped after the first round.

  13. These videos are so great, so useful, so fulfilling, so convenient! Thank you so much Anna and everyone!!

  14. This one doesn't feel much while doing it… But you can sweat out buckets after its done

  15. Wow I did it!☺????OMG woow Great!

  16. Not very good for your back:(

  17. كان تمريني قبل شوي ?????

  18. While I was able to do this one. A lot of the moves could set you up for bad form & injury. Not for intermediate.

  19. I am a huge popsugar fan but this was horrible… the instructor was not As into as all of the other ones. Still love you Anna!

  20. I usually liked popsugar videos but this the main instructor doesn't doing the routines mostly the hard parts that she's saying. I wished she showed us the spirit of not giving up even it its hard. Because losing weight is hard. Pls.

  21. I love this workout! So challenging yet doable. ?

  22. Around how many calories did people burn?

  23. this workout kind of sucks..sorry 🙁

  24. really liked the trainer for being different to a lot of others that are shown here. found her more authentic and honest!!! Also bigger focus on good and repeated explanation!
    Unfortunately, the donky kicks and the one leg burpie made me feel very unfortable since i lost balance, it made my head hurt a bit because of the blood rushing into my head. i generally dont like these moves where the joints are strained a lot and you have to focus more on balance and the work movement. (I know there are movements you have to learn and get used to first).
    Also i found the alternatives very different to the standard exercises. It seemed to me that there was even a second alternative missing since the difference between beginners and normal was so big.
    Finally; some exercices seemed very difficult, others rather not challenging.

  25. Wow! I'm 15 and trying to lose weight. I've done this workout 3 days in a row now and it's great! It hurts like crazy and I sweat buckets but I feel great! I'd just like to know how many calories it burns!?

  26. went by quick but made me sweat like crazy loved it

  27. Great workout. That was tough.

  28. I just assumed she. may be post pregnancy or surgery or something and out of condition

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