30-Minute Cardio Dance Party to Burn Calories | Class FitSugar

Equinox cardio dance expert Nicole Steen makes every workout feel like a dance party! And the best part: this cardio dance workout is the most fun way to torch calories.

  • On Anna: Sweaty Betty top and bra, Terez tights, and Under Armour shoes
  • On Nicole: Seafolly outfit and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Kaycee: 7 ‘Til Midnight top, Body Language tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes

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  1. This is kind of my favorite workouts. I love dancing and party (ofcourse). These workouts are great for people that loves to dance.

  2. What's soundtracks do you use ? ?

  3. This frustrates me so much I don’t know any of the moves so I end up feeling like I accomplished nothing she hardly teaches us any moves we were just supposed to know them

  4. How much calories roughly do I burn doing this workout?

  5. Thank you! I cannot dance to save my life, so I just moved. This was a fun workout!

  6. omg I just started with this and I am so excited, love it…. thnx Nicole this motivated me, keep on doin it

  7. Anyone know how many calories it burns?

  8. Omg, even with arthritis i did the jumps. I am so porud 😀

  9. Awesome! definitely fun, I was smiling laughing, and really getting into it. I felt ridiculous doing the samba, but I continued to just move around vigorously anyway lol. Definitely made me want to be there with them! Kaycee in the back was awesome, even while modifying she was great! all three of the ladies were!

  10. This workout is so much fun and easy to follow, enjoyed it so much ! Thanks~ !


  12. Loved the brazilian moves! I'm waiting for you here in Brazil!

  13. I'm from Brazil, love Your vídeos ❤️❤️

  14. Guys I just completed this and I feel awesome!! For people who love to dance and workout or for those who want to lose weight like me, you should definetly try this, it’s amazing. I’ll try to do this every morning 🙂

  15. This is amazing, you guys are so motivating and positive! Nicole you are so beautiful and talented, so much thanks ladies! xx

  16. This is my favourite workout of all time. I do it almost every day. Anna, Casey & Nicole all have excellent chemistry. Can you please do more of these workouts with the 3 of you? I would love it.

  17. is the dance slim my stomach plzzz replay meeee

  18. Significantly easy but wonderful and I am sweating!!

  19. I love all your vdo , thanks for making my workout more fun and effective ,love u guys keep up the good work

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