30-Minute Feel Good Dance Cardio Workout To Burn Calories

Tone your body and dance away calories with Amanda Kloots, creator of The Dance.


  1. Love this video. The middle girl is so full of positive energy. I love her…

  2. Got me warm, but I'd never do it again. Much too fast for most normal people. Noticed that even a dancer commented it was too fast and poorly explained. I'll be removingnit from my dance workout library.

  3. I've seen other vids with Amanda that weren't confusing but this one I really can't keep up with…

  4. i think it would be so much better if they instructed so we were their mirror image because it got really confusing when she said left but to us it looked like she was going right

  5. Amazing workout!! Definitely recommend, Amanda's energy keeps you up and going throughout the whole workout. She is truly and inspiration and makes the times fly while you workout, which is never the case. Great way to burn calories when you can't leave the house!

  6. i'm too uncoordinated for this shit but it was still fun

  7. This women is nuts, I love her.

  8. This is so fun! I love this workout! Thank you! ❤

  9. those arm workouts were killing me

  10. Though it seems hard to follow when you do it for the first time but it becomes fun when you do it again and again. It is also very effective as it has jumping and concentrates on all body parts.

  11. It is very frustrating that so many of the PS workouts don't use mirror instructions.  I wish they would consider that these will be done facing the instructor and either don't give Right or Left instructions, or do them in mirror.  It makes a quick-paced routine like this one really frustrating to follow.

  12. This workout is very good, i like it

  13. Cool ovo je najbolji video za vezbanje koje sam u skorije vreme videla ??

  14. I didn't get all of the dance moves, but that's okay! It helps make this video re-playable.

  15. It would be really helpful for non coordinated people as myself to mirror this video; either having the instructor mirror or just mirroring the video during editing.

  16. I always find dance cardio way hard to follow. ….but simple dance routines are way more fun!!!!!

  17. This was awesome! fantastic cardio and ~3500 steps! I'm not great on footwork but the repetitions helped a lot. Was super efficient a workout and will do this video again and again.

  18. sorry to say so, i give up at 13 minutes, i tried but very difficult to follow and i dont feel good.

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