30-Minute Full-Body Cardio and Toning Workout Even a Beginner Can Do | Class Fitsugar

You’ve got to start somewhere, and if you’re new to the fit life this strength training session is for you. Celeb trainer Lacey Stone created a workout that’s suitable for all levels of fitness. The classic exercises are easy to follow if you’re a beginner and we offer ways to advance the modifications for more challenge. Best of all, this workout requires no equipment. Yep, we made this 30-minute routine excuse proof. So press play and get at it.

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  1. Thighs hurt, but didnt LOVE all the fast "football" feet moves

  2. im positive i died at least three times while doing this

  3. I liked the workout. With that being said all of the sexual and inappropriate comments are frustrating. My kiddos are often running around while im exercising and I dont want them to hear it. I love doing popsugar workouts, but I dont want to feel the need to have to monitor them for these kinds of things:/

  4. i'd hate to be THAT guy but damn Lacey is super hot
    but her form isn't too great though…
    her squats & pushups could use improvement (i think, but i'm not a professional)

  5. hope this instructor comes back and do a harder one!!i like her so much❤️

  6. I've been skipping my workouts for a week or two now and I decided to do a beginners one to get me back into it, this one was a pretty full on beginners one and I'm thankful for it. Tomorrow I can start properly again. Thanks for the video.

  7. lacey stone is a beautiful woman.

  8. This wasn't terribly hard, and yet I was sweating more than I do in other PS videos, also all the little breaks and new moves made it easier to get through and prevented it from getting boring

  9. I am sure you'll learn about workouts if you'll read Unflexal handbook from cover to cover 🙂

  10. This was ammmmmazing!! Too fun…funny….and a great work out – whew!!!

  11. The trainer is very funny and I loved her. Loved her references. The workout tho is a bit frantic, I wouldn't say it's appropriate for beginners. The moves were a bit unclear and sometimes painful for back and knees (for a beginner). I mean I worked through it and now I'm sweating but I don't feel as I moved the right muscles

  12. I think that's the wettest my exercise mat has been since I started doing these videos. Thank you.

  13. Wow the Olive Garden commercial at the beginning was slightly counterproductive lol

  14. Advanced moves with weights. Great work out!!!!

  15. Nice workout! 😀 I did it, woooo!

  16. loving this workout! did the beginner's one, and sweat like crazy!! <3 thank you for posting!

  17. The work out is ok, but why all this endlessly talking and shouting and over-the-top laughing?

  18. This workout was amazing! And the trainer Lacy was so incredible and made it fun and made you wanna workout

  19. too much talking…i dont know what am i doing…;/ anyway workout is ok.

  20. I was not looking forwad to my morning workout today. Lacey made it totally worth it! I smiled the whole time – thank you!

  21. almost died.. couldn't complete all sets.. but feeling awesome after it's all done. first day of workout after years.

  22. i love this instructor she was so funny and motivating it made this workout fun thank you 🙂

  23. Hands down my favourite workout from PopSugar – and YouTube. I really hope Lacey comes back!!

  24. This is by far the best 30 minute total body workout ever!!!! I was sweating at the 3 minute mark! Also love the puns!!!

  25. She is amazingly motivating … loved how she handled all levels xx

  26. I really loved it! Kisses from Paris!

  27. Love this video, this instructor is so motivating!

  28. I have 15 days since I started working out after a 6 month of non working out I'm I still a beginner ??? when will I become intermediate pleaaaaase I need an answer

  29. I wonder if it's just me who finds that excessive "yahoo! you can do it!" tribal hunting kind of cheering annoying?

  30. love this workout!
    I have question: if I do this workout can I still do a workout that involves legs tomorrow or should I rest them a day? or does that rest only apply to using heavy weight?

  31. this was fun! fun! fun! Lacey, you are hilarious

  32. Love this work out, I'm 6 weeks out of a full hysterectomy and whilst this almost killed me! it's helping me regain my body fitness

  33. Love the humour of Lacey Stone(trainer). She's awesome! Takes your mind off the intensity of the workout!

  34. Dear Popsugar. Many thanks for your amazing videos, you are incredible. And Lacey too. 🙂 Could we have some more of Lacey?? 🙂 I love laughing when I work out, while she is not joking around. 🙂

  35. All the other comments are about how great they found this workout. Then there's me lying face down in a pool of sweat

  36. How many calories can I burn with this cardio? Anyone knows? ;(

  37. This workout was challenging, fun and not frustrating. I liked the pace and the fact that you could choose between easier and harder options. Lacey is really cool and I'll add this video to my favorites. Thanks PopSugar!

  38. loved the workout! Lacey is great!

  39. this was amazing, more videos with Lacey please!!! Just when I thought I couldn't do the advanced version she made me want to challenge myself (: loved it, so much fun! Thank you!

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