30-Minute Full-Body Toning Workout With Demi Lovato’s Trainer

Tone your body with Demi Lovato’s trainer, silver Olympic medalist Kim Glass. Grab a pair of medium and lightweight free weights and towels to use as gliders and get ready to work!


  1. Kim Glass is 6'3" and a volleyball player with the US olympic team. Yes, I looked it up. Great video, I like the challenging ones!

  2. This was excellent! Kim is so likable. I've been doing popsugar workouts for sometime now so it wasn't difficult for me to keep up.

  3. great workout, sweating profusely!

  4. This was a great class. Kim was a great very charming.

  5. The only slightly challenging segment was the last one.

  6. I have done a lot of PopSugar workout routines, this is my absolute favorite! Not too hard that I can’t follow, but hard enough to make me sweat

  7. This was a deceptively effective workout. Great trainer.

  8. Be careful with the last exercise. It made my back sore. If u cannot do a plank for more 1minute. This exercise will be harmful for your back

  9. loved it! i had no problem with her instruction. great moves!

  10. She is awesome…more videos with her

  11. This was perfect! I loved all the compound movements and new ab ideas!

  12. Overall a nice light workout. At times it needed more instruction and some exercise intervals seemed too short in the first and second intervals. I felt Anna and the other instructor were trying to get Kim to give more instruction by asking questions and that helped a bit.

  13. good ?What to drink in water or multi-vitamin

  14. Love it .Love it .totally love it

  15. I really like Kim Glass πŸ™‚ Thanks for the lighter workout to start off my Saturday, y'all!

  16. Great workout, it felt a bit odd though… the combination of exercises and the routine, but at the same time it worked out perfectly, feels great!

  17. Great work out and I love the positivity and encouragement of the instructor

  18. It was perfect! It's great pleasure when you get through the workout withouy any troble! Thank you!!!

  19. really motivational you kept me going till the end event though i was dying thank you! the towel one was great!

  20. do you think i am gonna buy this? where is my double d lovato ?

  21. WTF….I am putty right now…YES!!!!!!! That last ab circuit was BANANAS!!! All this jelly was wiggling…

  22. I like the moves but need more verbal cues from Kim!

  23. Ahhh can't wait to do this today!! Hope I can complete it!

  24. Just tried it! OMG! Burns so good! πŸ˜€
    Thank you for these amazing workout and all the other classes. I've been doing them for 3 years now, and it's the only exercise I do, the changes I started noticing in my body (from the 1st month) were and still are amazing. Please I'd love to see more Yoga classes in here.

  25. Loved it….thank you! It may be tough for someone just starting off, but easy enough to modify. I appreciated the challenge!

  26. loved everyone in this workout. hope to see kim again πŸ™‚

  27. She is awesome! I want her as my trainer! Loved it!

  28. How many calories do you think this workout burns? ??

  29. The instructions weren't always clear! not very well organised…

  30. Really good workout, i workowt quite a sweat!

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