30-Minute Full-Body Workout With Weights

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  1. This was so fun! Great workout!

  2. awesome workout! Thank you ladies!!!

  3. Yet another fantastic work out, thank you ?

  4. I wasn't feeling like working out today but this was a great workout!

  5. would this suffice as a daily workout or would i hav to do with something else

  6. Thanks for a great workout. I love your personality and energy 🙂

  7. only reason I made it though this is b/c New Year's resolutions are so fresh

  8. So much fun. Thank you popsugar!

  9. I am in better shape than I have been in a long time, this was okay and I lasted all through besides the push ups which I never can do lol but getting there. I am thinking on upping my 2kg weights to 4kg and make it REAL HARD

  10. Too repetitive but I like this one.

  11. Thankyou for this workout❤❤

  12. Hello is this workout make My legs bigger?? I m afraid of having big legs when ı squatting. is it possible?

  13. Good workout, but a little repetitive for my liking

  14. Wish watching the video counted as doing the exercise T.T

  15. Excellent great cueing and modifications

  16. sorry to say that but i got bored in the mid of the workout…..


  18. I love your positivity and words of encouragement Anna, thankyou 🙂

  19. I had to stop a few times to take deep breaths is that okay? I didn't stop for long, I made it through the whole workout otherwise!!

  20. This looks like a really good workout I can't wait to try this

  21. Thanks Ladies! Thats not how you do it stuff and thangs! lol

  22. That was AMAZING! I love Anna! Also it would be so fun to see Dre instruct for a video!

  23. Great workout, but good lord can't they find someone on this side of the camera to count for poor Anna…?

  24. great workout – a workout is as hard or easy as you make it. I lifted heavier weights than normal as it was shorter reps than im used….i was drenched in sweat by the end ?

  25. still shaking 30 mins after this! that was intense!

  26. please reduce your warmup time otherwise lengthen the actual workout

  27. Loved this workout, just did it while 8 months pregnant with modifications!

  28. I've been doing a wide variety of all the popsugar fitness videos daily (mostly daily, sometimes I'll go a a couple days- a week without working out ?) with the exception of rest days for about a year and safe to say I'm stronger, more toned and have lost 70 lbs. love these videos!

  29. Anna (#popsugar_fitness) you guys rock.I always look forward to working out with you every single morning.Great stuff

  30. I loved it but my arms started to hurt really bad after a while…

  31. I watched this video trying to find something for my wife to do at home and I get to reading some of the comments and I'm amazed at how supportive women are of each other. Most of the time it's the opposite on videos for guys. A-holes curse you or try to put you down in some way. I don't get it. One reason I made an account was to interact with people in a positive manner about working out and rooting people on. We need a woman president.

  32. I like it …. it is fun and exciting ?. Thanx

  33. I'm probably like 100 of the views on this. I've done it a lot! It's my go to workout. Very effective 🙂

  34. love it! sweating too much!????

  35. I loved it so much! It is definitely doable and challengable for me. Her bright energy encouraged me as well. Thank you.

  36. Oh my gosh Anna I just love you lol. You can really get my heart rate going and I love all your videos! You make it so pleasant to work out. You are always so upbeat and friendly. Thanks!!!!

  37. Thank you for all your workouts I am seeing results after having a baby ????

  38. l love this video

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