30-Minute Leg-Toning and Booty-Burning Workout

You asked for it, and it’s finally here, Jake DuPree’s 30-minute leg-toning workout! This one is going to lift your booty, fry your quads, and tone your calves. Take breaks as needed; this one is challenging!

  • On Dani: Satva top and ELEVEN by Venus Williams tights
  • On Dre: Lively top and Satva tights
  • On Jake: Lululemon
  • Shoes by APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs)
  • Yeti Yoga Mats
  • Cheeky bottles

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  1. This routine was NO JOKE! If this can't tone your legs/butt, nothing will!

  2. more jakeism please for 2018 love his workouts he’s phenomenal thank you pop sugar and wish you a very happy 2018

  3. Yo en la vida, soy la rubia..

  4. I love how he says “yass yass” and “you’re gunna hate me”. Lol!

  5. Your workouts are the best, I am always excited to see them but also they REALLY BURN so it's a tough one!! Thank you

  6. Each part of the routine just leaves me dead.. I had a question though- does this burn thigh fat? I am struggling with losing thigh fat.

  7. ?? Man! You know that guy’s got a tight booty. Thank you for that brutal yet awesome workout! I am a believer.

  8. Jake, you are a beast! Had to stop and take a breather a few times hehe, and I workout regularly!

  9. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I did this video. I just got my ass kicked

  10. Jake your amazing!!!! I’m going to feel this tomorrow in places I don’t know I had!!!

  11. I love how they incorporate your whole body, not just what they said what it's going to be

  12. I wish there were more workouts by Jake. They are the best on Popsugar. So tough, so good, with results. I love your workouts!!! More please!

  13. This is really tough, but I LOVE Jake, he actually has you laughing when your body wants to cry. Plus side–no pushups for a nice change.

  14. This has to be my favourite workout so far.
    Non-stop, variety of moves and an entertaining trainer!

  15. Dripping all over the floor!!! 🙂

  16. That was awesome! So challenging, I absolutely enjoyed this workout ?

  17. T.O.R.T.U.R.E! and loved it

  18. Did this not expecting too much (not sure why since it's Jake) and two days later, parts of my legs that I didn't know existed are sore!! This is such a good leg workout with a lot of new moves I have never done! I love the variety of exercises and love Jake 🙂

  19. He is insane, but the amazing kind of I wish I had your commitment to continuously push the boundaries kind of insane ! Amazing workout!

  20. omg I love this guy hahahahah it was so fun

  21. Oh boy!!!! I almost vomited a few times ????

  22. This was so hard but I’m so proud of myself for doing it!! I’ve done 5 workouts on this channel in a row this week and I can already feel stronger muscles!!

  23. I've done one of jake's workout but wasn't able to finish the whole video because i was breathless haha and seeing this now… i'm kinda afraid to perform it. It scares me ?

  24. Wow this kicked my butt I loved it!! One of my fave booty leg routines ever. More of Jake please!!

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