30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout to Burn Calories

Torch major calories with this no-equipment cardio workout from Xavier Quimbo of Speedplay.

  • On Anna: Cotton on Body outfit and Reebok shoes
  • On Chelsea: ELEVEN by Venus Williams top, Sweaty Betty tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Xavier: Nike
  • Yeti Yoga Mats
  • Corkcicle bottes

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  1. Subscribing Popsugar is the best thing ever happened to me….?..its so motivating, energising nd refreshing. Moreover the results are visible within 2 weeks…..a humble thanx to Anna nd team..xoxo..?

  2. Such a great energy wow! Thank you so much for this workout. It works quite a bit, but yet is sooooo fun!

  3. Is Xavier Quimbo Filipino? Added to my exercise playlist!

  4. more vidoes like this!!! dance fit videos are cool but i really love these type of workouts more

  5. The girl in the blue was so lazy

  6. thanks for this routine,loved it!

  7. thank you such much!!!! such a great and motivating workout!!!!!

  8. I love this guy and this workout. Always makes me feel great!

  9. Обажаю кардио!???

  10. Great workout! You just earned yourself a new subscriber.

  11. Unable to do the jumping lunges, so I modify by cutting the jump and just doing alternating lunges. Still a good workout.

  12. Xavier is such a great trainer! Had me motivated the whole time. love this channel! Keeps me in shape without having to go to the gym:) Always have me feeling great after every video

  13. this was fantastic! i could work out with this guy everyday! so sweet and made it fun!

  14. Fun high-energy, sweat session. He had great vibes!

  15. I am so blessed to have found this station the girl that runs popsugar energy is amazing whenever I hear her voice she just reminds me of how good it is to be in the best tip top shape possible this training that she has for this video is so energetic and handsome he makes me feel like I can do anything and I'm glad that I found this video.

  16. These exercises are very good!

  17. I was dying at 15mins in. Lol. But I got thru it! Will keep going too! Love how there's a modified version for low impact!

  18. I wonder, beside this..any workout from Xavier?

  19. This was a great workout! Let's have more workouts with Xavier!

  20. Even though during the time I was doing it I felt like dying at the end i felt relieved, refreshed, and just good in general.

  21. Lol this was not only a great workout, but this trainer cracked me up. Bring him back!

  22. Amazing workout! Thank you. Hopefully you will come back. Thanks Anna for encouraging and motivating us to do these great workouts!!!

  23. This is an excellent workout and my second time doing it. I love Xavier's personality and he makes the workout go quickly! Thank you! ???

  24. Loved it. This is one of the best workouts I have done. Love to see more workout routine without any equipment.

  25. Loved this! He is awesome, really keeps me pushing through the pain even when it SUCKS! 🙂

  26. More Xavier Quimbo workouts, please and thank you!

  27. I haven’t seen ur channel since June. I feel comforted very much to see popsugar has made huge progress in content,no more “milk and water”.give us more practical things!

  28. just did this workout, and i feel good about it. thank you

  29. I really like this one. I like how the instructor gives you good instructions and the moves are simple, yet challenging.

  30. This is a great, not too difficult, and balanced workout routine. I've just finished it, I'm completely relaxed and ready for my uni day. Thanks, Xavier, Anna and Chelsea. <3

  31. the arm section was a killer. maybe break it up with big arm circle, front and backs flap the wings

  32. I love ❤️ this workout thanks ? it was awesome ?

  33. Hands down- a really enjoyable 30 minutes cardio to date. Thanks PopSugar ❤

  34. Wow, Xavier had me smiling through this workout! His enthusiasm is contagious! 😀 Made the workout energizing and fun!

  35. Awwwwweeeessssoooommmmeeee workout!!!!!

  36. Please keep Xavier! Not only is he fine as hell, but he's kind and soothing. He made it easy to keep going , because he's not a drill sergeant <3

  37. So good!! Please more of him, he is great???

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