30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs

30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs

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  1. It's basically copied from TA method…arm moves copied 1 to 1…I wonder if Tracey has a copyright on her workouts?

  2. I did it!!!It's hard but amazing

  3. I love this. I take classes w trainers/instructors and this is basically what we do (the yoga and Pilates part even some of the dancing) but more like high cardio as well. Love this oml

  4. 4 minutes and am already tried

  5. Me : Selena Gomez's… Oh yeah!
    Saves Video *
    Starts warmup : Fuck, this is warm-up??!!
    Removes Video*
    Dead ?

  6. I’m gonna try to do this everyday! Hopefully I’ll see some results

    I did this yesterday and I’m soooo soreeeee

  7. This is the best workout with little sweat and only 30 minutes. Thankyou ?

  8. Couldn’t finish this today but I’m gonna keep trying!! What a workout, I can’t wait to see if I get results

  9. it’s amazing how good you feel after working out!! i want to do this in the mornings!!

  10. Ok, so this is probably gonna sound weird, but how the fuck do you crunch? My neck starts hurting and i know, i'm doing it wrong and lifting with my neck or some shit, but i just don't fucking know how else to do it?!

  11. This is such an amazing workout! Low impact but still difficult. I'm constantly busy, so 30 minutes is a perfect workout time for me. Plus, I don't feel exhausted afterwards like I do with cardio workouts. This is definitely a workout you have to do every day to see results, but it gets easier and easier every time you do it. I've been increasing my reps every time I do it so I can give myself mini-challenges, which is such a great way to start my day every day! Would love to see more videos with this trainer!

  12. This was amazing! I love how everyone in the video knew it was going to be tough – made me feel better about not being able to do them – the burn was too much! But really felt that this workout was challenging but rewarding. Will definitely be using her videos more often!!

  13. its a good workout, it seems easy, but is not 🙂

  14. shes great and I am loving my popsugar choices—

  15. Arms, well more specifically my shoulders, were sore for almost 5 days. Thats both a sign that this workout is effective AND I need to up my shoulder work.

  16. The moaning is a bit disturbing

  17. I made this "session" for the recovery after the Christmas holidays before classes, it feels good to workout a little 🙂

  18. I have found it a lot easier to count my own reps in this workout. She goes at a different pace than I do, and sometimes I think she does a lot more than she says she gonna do ? She’s pretty good at saying how many of each exercise we’ll do, so I suggest just counting your own so you don’t get uneven on one side of your body ?

  19. Muchas gracias excellent workout

  20. Who wants a challenge?
    Day 1 you do the original amount of the movement.
    Day 2 you add the already amount with half of the amount on the first day.
    Day 3 to do double of the original amount.
    Basically keep adding half of the amount each day you do it until 200.

    Challenge accepted???

  21. Congrats to Selena if the does this I almost died it looks sooo easy but it’s not

  22. The arm part was totally tracy anderson rip off

  23. I think i'll stick with squats. By the way I do 120 squats a day
    And for abs with crunches and plank

  24. I did it but bitchh im deaddd this is soo good

  25. Does anyone know how many calories you’re burning with this exercise??
    I’m trying to log this in my journal ??

  26. This instructor has insane endurance! Awesome!

  27. I have to give credit to the celebs for working out like this, I was five minutes in and ready to die

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