30-Minute Sexy Cardio Dance Vixen Workout

Get ready to unleash your inner Selena Gomez as you dance the calories away with this Vixen Workout.

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  1. Time flew by doing this workout. I felt sexy, cool without the crazy

  2. I just finished this workout and I LOVED IT ? I’ve never described exercise as fun but this was actually FUN! ? Thanks so much for this awesome video!

  3. This is a really mediocre workout. Loved working out with Anna (while looking way worse!) but I will definitely not do this one again. Not very intense, IMO.

  4. watching this so I can dance like this in 2018 new year picnic with my karate team.

    God If I have this kind of figure I will rock

  5. Love it!
    More dance workouts please!

  6. Blinds closed? Check
    Mirror down and put away? Check
    Everyone asleep? Check
    Curtains closed also? Check
    Ok ready to go

  7. the girl in pink pants is so me lol

  8. Time to close my blinds and take down my mirror. Imma cringe but lets go boi

  9. Sitting in a public transport and watch this

  10. That Latina can outdance this sistah! =) This workout was so much fun! I hope Janet is invited back!

  11. Love this workout! Want more like this!???

  12. This was so much fun, and easy to follow. Pls bring her back.

  13. Bitch I did 5 minutes and I’m collapsed ???? ( maybe cause I was working out before this ) oh well ??‍♀️?

  14. Didn’t like it. They dance good but too fast lol

  15. The video looked so good I almost got up to do it, but I just did a 30 min dance cardio and my body wasn't feeling it.

  16. Please do more Vixen workouts, these are actually fun, I love dancing and working out at the same time.

  17. Киньте трек)

  18. Вы супер! Спасибо) Буду танцевать и тренироваться вместе с вами))

  19. Laughing and crying while looking at the girl in pink because she's you.

  20. Awesome routine..i do have to admit I was dancing more like the girl in the pink??

  21. I'm watching this while eating goldfish with my kids ??

  22. Anna girl, we need to start a club!

  23. This dance workout is so much fun! I've done it several times, and each time it had me work up a sweat!

  24. I'm guessing the girl in the pink pants was a last minute addition because she was the whitest dancer I have ever seen XD

  25. this looks so much fun but it sucksss living in an appartment 🙁

  26. I am so so happy after this workout <3
    Thank you Popsugar!

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