30-Minute Yoga-Barre Hybrid Workout to Empower Your Body & Mind

Empower your body and mind with this 30-minute yoga-barre hybrid workout from Corinne Wainer, CAO + Cofounder of SHAKTIBARRE.

  • On Anna: Kira Grace
  • On Corinne: Lorna Jane top & Vimmia tights
  • On Kaycee: Onzie top, Under Armour Bra, & Terez Tights
  • Manduka Mats

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  1. thank you Popsugar for this awesome workout! it combined fitness and yoga, everything I love, so beautifully.
    more of this please!

  2. It was challenging and awesome at the same time!

  3. I love the combination of yoga and barre, but I felt there was too much downtime in this workout and I needed to do another workout afterwards to compensate.  If the instructor had gone faster, not taken such long breaks between moves, incorporated more moves into the workout, and done a few more reps, (basically, if the instructor had increased the intensity) this would have been a great workout.  I would suggest this for people who are beginners or want a really light workout day.

  4. Wow that was a lot of talking. I had to watch the video on mute because you wouldn't stop the mindless chitchat. Also if you're going to call this a yoga video at least do the poses correctly. Downward dog, seriously? So wrong. Please don't pretend to be something you are not. Water break? For what? You don't break a sweat in this video. I had to fast forwarded at 5 minutes because of talking, and breaks. I had such high hopes for this video. Oh well…..

  5. perfect for my rest day! I work out everyday but, one of the seven days needs to be lighter work to allow my body to recover and this was so fitting! For everyone who works out all the time, devote one of your daily sessions to stretching or yoga it has really helped me stay strong.

  6. Love this channel, but there is a lack of diversity. I've done maybe two videos with black trainers, other than that the entire group on screen is always white. Representation is important, POPSUGAR Fitness. Please get with it.

  7. That workout felt so good on my body. I sure felt the fire and now I feel very relaxed

  8. Thank you for the workout! The only thing I would suggest is different music because I don't think smooth jazz pairs well with yoga.

  9. Truly an amazing workout, but what I'm I saying, all Popsugar workouts are AHHMAYZING!

  10. Love it!!! Please do more like this!!! Thank you!! The teacher is amazing! Does she have her own channel?

  11. what an amazing workout. Please more of these. I feel relaxed and strong…..getting too old to do the jumping around..this is perfect. Love the calming music, not too intrusive.

  12. I love how body positive this workout is. I workout for my mental health and don't love the assumption that I'm working out to make my body look a certain way. Body positive workouts are hard to find, so thank you Popsugar and Shaktibarre!

  13. After I did this video I thought OK, this is good for the days I want to take it easy. Yet the next day both my triceps and glutes were a little sore! Very sneaky & effective.

  14. I really loved this workout, and she is extraordinary. Strength, relax and feeling good. Thank you. More like this please.

  15. was easier than I was hoping for it to be, but was a nice gentle practice if that is what you are looking for.

  16. Wonderful workout…I feel relaxed and grounded. Please bring Corinne back for a future video. Thank you! ?

  17. Good possible exercises to remove belly fat

  18. Maybe the hand weights were decent but the teacher's yoga form was awful, anyone can be a yoga teacher I guess. Popsugar has had better yoga instructors.

  19. This was amazing! Corinne is so positive. I loved it!! <3

  20. I liked it; good for when you want more than normal yoga, but not something strenuous. I'd recommend watching the video first to see the moves if you don't already know yoga, since they're not really described.

  21. This channel is completely amazing, i love so much their routines ❤️❤️

  22. Lovely workout…I feel energized

  23. So much fun! I'd love to try this! xx

  24. OH MY GOD!! I teach yoga-barre too and was SO excited to try this workout! I love trying these style of workouts <3 Always learning xx

  25. I LOVED THIS. This is now easily one of my favorite Popsugar videos!

  26. Fell in love with the energy this workout and the trainer created. Thank you so much for sharing. Namaste <3

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