Hey everybody! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas! Today me and my friend Emily Canham have decided to challenge each other with the £30 Primark Outfit Challenge (Winter Edition) It was quite tough but make sure you watch both of our videos to see how we did!
If you’d like to see more Primark Clothing Try on Hauls or Primark Outfit Challenges do let me know in the comments!


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  1. Hey guys!! hope you enjoy today's video! Sorry it's a little bit out of focus but I had so much fun filming this with Emily! Definitely go check out the video we did on her channel and let me know who you think won the challenge! 😉

  2. I'm actually gonna go to primark and look for that jumper and that bag, loved them

  3. Good try Rox, but I Emily won this challenge; she spent less money, got more stuff, and a few of the pieces she got can be can be worn in any season. Would love to win a gift card, it’s my birthday in January, would love to go on a spree with my little Sister.

  4. Love both channels you both are amazing enter me!?❤

  5. Considering I'm totally lost when it comes to buying clothes for myself this video inspires me to declutter my wardrobe….#£50giveaway

  6. Hi!! Love you two girls and Primark soooo much!!! Xxxx

  7. That jumper is so nice! Love these videos ?

  8. I would really love to have that £50 voucher because I don’t have very good clothes and the clothes I wear aren’t very wintery ( is that even a word ? he he ) If I do win please can u send me a message on my snapchat which is: sophieisawsome6 or my Instagram which is: brandon_sophie25

  9. I'd love to win the gift card and if I won then I would buy some of saffrons range and the fluffy bag that Roxi got Emily xxx thanks for the opportunity

  10. the outfit was really cute and it looked so cozy!! i need that backpack tho!

  11. I love primark so much,and I loved your collab together

  12. I've entered the giveaway??

  13. Ya both did well babe but i thjnk emily won this one xxx

  14. Omg u guys are sooo pretty ? I'm jealous ??❤️

  15. I’ve done everything for the giveaway xxxxx

  16. That outfit is so cute! Emily really suits those hats I've never seen her in one!xxx

  17. I love primark, they do so many cute outfits!!

  18. Watched both vedios. Lov u girlz ??

  19. Loveddd this video ❤️❤️ primark has such nice stuff ??

  20. I loved this video it was so exciting and fun ?nothing better than my two favourite YouTubers collabing together xx hope to see more in the new year love u so much xxx

  21. Hello! I've had my ? on for the both of your channels. I just love you guys and I always enjoy challenge videos. ???, ✌️ and the happiest of New Year wishes, to ye both!?

  22. just watched Emily's video and now yours so excited about this giveaway

  23. Great collaboration!! And I love your pink sweater sm ??

  24. My 2 favs??????✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?

  25. I love the jumpers it really fits the weather and your guys all fits were really nice. I really liked them a lot. It I'd really hard to choose but I choose both.I would really like to win.???

  26. Great outfit I loved the little backpack!

  27. These are my favorite challenges to watch!

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