We prepared great budget manicure ideas for you. These easy nail arts will save you a lot of money. All our ideas are so easy and could be made at home. There is no need to go to the nail salon anymore!
Use dental floss to create a perfect stripped manicure. This nail art looks really cool and so easy to do. Wrap the finger with dental floss and cover with nail polish. Remove dental floss. Ready! French manicure looks gorgeous and you don’t need to go to the nail salon. Simply take a rubber band and watch our tutorial! The matte effect looks very stylish and you don’t need to buy matte nail polish to achieve the result. Apply a thick layer of your favorite nail posh and keep your fingers over the pot of boil water. Be careful as it could be too hot. Ombre effect is super popular now and looks great. Use a sponge to achieve this effect. Check out the full tutorial.

A broken nail is a total disaster as it’s really painful and again you need to spend time and money to go to the nail salon. We are here to help you! This idea seems crazy but you can fix your nail using a tea bag. Cut a square of a tea bag. Cover the broken nail with clear nail polish and place a square over the nail. Smooth the surface of the nail. And finally, cover with top coat. Voila!
We prepared more beauty lifehacks that will ease your life! Next selection of lifehacks may seem crazy but they really work! Check out creative ways to curl your hair! You can curl your hair using a plastic bottle or a plastic cup. Place a plastic cup on your head and wrap it with your hair and secure with bobby pins. Spray some water on your hair and use a hair dryer.