Today we share new helpful hair lifehacks and masks that will make your hair much healthier! Moreover, you will find different tutorials on how to make easy and beautiful hairstyles for short and long hair. These hairstyles are perfect for different occasions: you can make an easy a cute hairstyle for office or for a casual look; if you need a hairstyle for a concert or party and glamorous braided hairstyles and ponytails for date or Birthday. Also, you will learn easy and quick ways to curl your hair without a hairdryer.

Flaxseed is a magical ingredient for beauty recipes that are used in masks, creams and styling products. Flax seeds are full of vitamins, minerals and a source of Omega-3 that helps to nourish your hair naturally. Moreover, it could be used as an excellent remedy for different hair problems like dandruff and split ends. Try to make a natural flax seed termoprotector gel. Take a pan and pour 2 cups of water, add 2 tbsp. of flax seed and boil. Let it cool for some time. Squeeze out the gel using a clean pantyhose. Apply this gel before drying your hair.
If you don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, there is no need to panic. We share the recipe of dry shampoo for greasy hair. The supplies you will need starch, cocoa powder, baking soda. Use a cosmetic brush to apply this shampoo. Enjoy the result.
We share a perfect way to cut hair bangs at home. You don’t need to go to the hair salon and spend a lot of money, ask your friend to help you. Take a piece of paper and draw a straight line on the top. Watch our video and find the whole tutorial.

00:09 Flax seed termoprotector
01:58 Quick way to cut bangs
02:45 Creative ways to curl hair
05:27 Unexpected use of a lemon
06:39 Charming hairstyle for a date
08:49 Easy short hairstyles