Makeup and beauty hacks and tips every woman should know!

1. Fix your broken eye shadows
Have you dropped your eye shadows? Don’t throw them away – make an instant gradient makeup with them instead! Take an empty eye shadow or powder container and place the shadows it. Pour some rubbing alcohol and press gently. Let it dry. Take an eye sponge and dip it into your DIY shadows – this instant makeup trick works magic!

2. Calm sown your skin
Do you have irritated skin, especially after shaving? We have a simple homemade solution for you! Mix black tea with some vinegar and apply to the skin using a tea bag. You will be impressed with the results! No redness or dry skin anymore – for perfect skin!

3. DIY beauty blender
Don’t have a beauty sponge for foundation? Do not worry! Just take a simple new kitchen sponge, pour some foundation on top of it and use as a beauty blender. You will be surprised with the results!

4. Homemade powder
How t make a natural powder at home. Ground some oats in a blender to transform them into a powder. Add some water to wash the oat powder 3 times. Now place the oat onto a napkin and let it dry. Put the dry oat powder inside a clean container and use it as a loose powder. Take a fluffy brush for better results.


  1. I have learned a lot…. thanks ?

  2. I’m allergic to coconut isn’t there another way?

  3. whY iS sHE uSING iCE BefORE She PluCks that will literally just make plucking painful

  4. Does the "Hack" from minute 3:42 really works???

  5. sometimes i wonder why the hell im subscribed to this channel.

  6. Ariel taught me the life hack at 7:33 they may have been plastic, but they’re still dinglehoppers!

  7. the eyeliner on the eyelash curler idea really takes the cake

  8. Please stop loading long ash videos that repeat the content. Typically in a different order, with a couple of different "hacks."

  9. 19 minutes of my life I’m never getting back and also the enlarged lips was just the Kylie Jenner lip challenge @9:08

  10. 11:32 she left out a huge chunk of hair and it unsatisfies me so much

  11. WHO WASHES THERE FACE WITH SODA. It’s called get a face scrub or sum ?

  12. I have awesome Challenges (singing,dancing n laughing)
    Check out, would really lyk to see ur comments/likes as ur feedback .

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