Amazing clothing ideas for your outfits

We’ve all been there – trying to create the best outfit for a special occasion but having the wrong sized item. So, in this video, we wanted to help you get the best out of your clothes and make them fit you like Cinderella’s shoe. We show you some easy sewing hacks when you are a beginner and we also show you some amazing clothing DIYs to transform your clothes into any piece of clothing you desire.

If you are wearing a maxi dress or a skirt, with a pair of magnificent shoes which don’t fit you very well. Don’t let that put you off. You can keep them in place by adding a piece of transparent tape on your feet.

Do you have a pair of high waisted jeans that will look perfect if you’ve had an hourglass figure? Don’t let that stop you from wearing them if you are too thin for the jeans. Simply, add some sanitary pads at the sides of your jeans just as we do in the video and voila. The jeans will fit you like a glove and you’ll make it seem like you have the best-toned hips.

We also show you a brilliant belt hack. We’ve all had that one belt that is too beautiful not to buy, yet too long for our waist. So, we found the best method to adjust it without cropping it. Simply wear your belt as you normally would and then take the extra long piece that’s left, rotate it a couple of times and bring it back to secure it in place just as we demonstrate in the video.

If you are wearing boyfriend-jeans outdoors but it’s too cold to wear them without thick socks underneath. You can put skin colored socks or tights right on top of your thick socks. This way you’ll be both fashionable and warm.

We also show you some amazing sewing hacks to help you repurpose your old clothes and match your current standards of fashion. These hacks are ideal if you are trying to both save money and make your old clothes a perfect fit. We show you how to turn your buggy jeans into skinny jeans and also how to turn a large t-shirt into a beautifully fitted dress.

0:23 – Curvy Hips jeans
1:27 – Amazing fitted belt hack
2:10 – Skin colored socks trick
3:11 – Fitted jeans sewing hack
4:00 – DIY cardigan
5:26 – DIY fitted dress
6:43 – The Bahamas coffee stain
8:18 – Fidget spinner decoration
8:54 – DIY rug
10:52 – DIY cooking apron
13:02 – How to shorten your jeans
14:27 – DIY phone case holder
16:04 – How to remove blood stains
16:32 – DIY bodysuit
17:38 – DIY jean skirt


  1. Would you like a pillow like that? 12:18 ?

    The best sewing hacks which will save your time >

  2. I hate how they use the same videos of hacks for diffrent videos themselves????

  3. Super cute! Did anyone else notice the thumbnail?

  4. Do you LOVE the feeling of being strangled in your sleep! if so… make this pillow were you feel like are being strangled! great for any one!

  5. i don't see morea change in your hacks

  6. i don't see morea change in your hacks

  7. i don't see morea change in your hacks

  8. These are probably really useful but I couldnt even finish watching it because I kept laughing at "Skotch tape"

    it's "Scotch Tape" by the way but I'm ridiculously tired so that was just absurdly funny to me

  9. Yeah totally going to put scotch tape around my shoe like what lol

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  13. The thumbnail… Skotch Tape… try Scotch Tape

  14. 5 minute crafts. I love all of your videos. You have the best hacks. Love you guys❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. 2:56 or you could just use the built in adjustable strap ???

  16. Wasting 4 sanitary napkins to have curvaceous waist? Tsk

  17. BRB I need to go try to spill the exact pattern and shape of the Bahamas islands onto my shirt

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