3D Acrylic Petals Nail Art – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie designs a beautiful 3D Acrylic Flower in this Step by Step Tutorial. This design is tricky, and takes patience. Suzie has tips that will help you master the technique. This look is great for special occasions, including weddings.

  • 0:20 Suzie starts with 2 coats of Black Gel Polish applied
  • 0:33 Today Suzie is using Ugly Duckling Acrylic and Monomer
  • 0:55 Suzie’s Brush for this design is a ‘Detailer’
  • 1:22 TIps on using Monomer
  • 2:43 White Powder for Acrylic Ball
  • 3:02 Put Ball on Nail, and Shape Petals
  • 6:10 Use a Dry Brush
  • 6:27 Add a Pearl
  • 6:43 Clear Powder used to hold Pearl in place
  • 7:21 Caviar or mini-pearls
  • 8:20 Purely Pigment for Highlights
  • 9:38 Finished Design Photo Reveal


  1. wishing you were in NZ as I would LOVE to attend one of your classes.

  2. Very pretty but doesn't that snag on clothes and hair?

  3. this was so benificial thank you!

  4. Suzie, there is a DIY for making some sort of "acrylic" with clear gel and cornflour… I'm a bit scared of using acrylic yet (new in this) and I was wondering…. would you try it and tell us how it worked????? PLEEEEAASSEEEE… Thank you!

  5. Great whats the size of the brush for 3D Acrylic Flower

  6. love your videos.
    music is loud and distracting against your soft voice so i find i miss a lot of what you are saying.
    would help if it was quiter or gone.

  7. Did u jus assume my gender

  8. I love your videos and the format and editing. How many cameras do you use? I appreciate the different shot angles and continuity of what your showing. So well done. ?

  9. Your videos are so relaxing I don't even do my nails.

  10. loving the giddy laugh. cameraman is romantic!

  11. My nails have been filed down to be paper thin after years of abuse so would it be useful to put a thin layer of acrylic JUST on my nail plate to help my nails grow and not break off?

  12. I watch Suzie's videos because I can never fall asleep on my own and her voice is like a lullaby for me. Works every night. She's my savior?

  13. you are a magic teacher Suzie I learn so much from your videos

  14. Can I make 3D acrylic art on natural nail with regular nail polish?

  15. Hello Suzie! I noticed that the gel coat is already shiny. Did you have to leave it sticky or do the petals stick enough even though the nail isn't buffed?
    Thank you!

  16. anyone else having backflashes to 1992? ok, seriously though, this is really pretty Suzie!

  17. I remember wanting to be a nail technician/artist when I was 16. I use to do my own nails back them. I very recently decided to do them again a couple days ago. I found your videos and am in love with the art all over again! I can't wait until all of my nail art accessories, brushes & everything come in the mail! Thanks for your expertise and inspiration. Blessing xoxo

  18. Hi Suzie! I'm a cosmetology student and I hated acrylics but right up until I started watching your videos all I do in school is practice my acrylics I developed a passion for it and I must say I am getting better thank you Suzie love your videos you are amazing and very patient! ???

  19. Pretty! I wonder what Mr Camerman looks like!

  20. Can you please add what the size brush yu are using for the flower and is this also from Ugly Duckling?

  21. Everytime I watch her videos, I always look at her hair because she has great hair

  22. Im glad people are realizing the ASMR properties in this.
    One of my ASMR triggers is attention to detail / intricate design so i have literally watched almost all of your videos lol

  23. 1oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. loved this video! but as a customer, how do you know if a nail shop is up to date with the newer nail styles?? I once got my nails done at this shop and it was the first and last time I went bc the owner was very simple and basic and everything that i wanted to get she kept turning down. please help!!

  25. When I'm stressed or if I can't sleep I always watch you videos because they are so sweet and soothing. Thank you for making these! Hope you have a nice day.

  26. Hi Suzie I want to thank you for your videos love them I watch them over and over wish there were more. you have inspired me to become a nail technician. I haven't started the classes yet, but I am in the process of buying your starter kit to practice.

  27. Where do you get your acrylic brush from and what size is it? Xx

  28. Hmmm, I don't do nails but I'm def gonna try this with fondant and pearls made out of sugar the next time I make a cake! Should be pretty

  29. You've cinched it. Suzie, whenever I get married I'm driving to Canada so you can do my nails. It started innocently enough, but I've quickly become obsessed with your work. It's stunning!

  30. where can i get a good 3d nail brush?

  31. What size is Suzie's acrylic brush, please?

  32. Nail carrier education thank u so much!! Your have really helped me learn nail art I watch other people like cutepolish but u put a lot of detail into your videos

    I'm a talented nail artist now and I'm only 10!! 😀


  33. It looks easy when you see it

  34. Love love love these! I am definitely going to try this design. They look so classy! ???

  35. I love this… Gonna practice till I get it

  36. do you sell the products to people who know how to do nails but don't have a license

  37. What company do you use for your brushes?

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