3D Acrylic Petals Nail Art – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie designs a beautiful 3D Acrylic Flower in this Step by Step Tutorial. This design is tricky, and takes patience. Suzie has tips that will help you master the technique. This look is great for special occasions, including weddings.

  • 0:20 Suzie starts with 2 coats of Black Gel Polish applied
  • 0:33 Today Suzie is using Ugly Duckling Acrylic and Monomer
  • 0:55 Suzie’s Brush for this design is a ‘Detailer’
  • 1:22 TIps on using Monomer
  • 2:43 White Powder for Acrylic Ball
  • 3:02 Put Ball on Nail, and Shape Petals
  • 6:10 Use a Dry Brush
  • 6:27 Add a Pearl
  • 6:43 Clear Powder used to hold Pearl in place
  • 7:21 Caviar or mini-pearls
  • 8:20 Purely Pigment for Highlights
  • 9:38 Finished Design Photo Reveal