3D Acrylic Stamping

Suzie discovers a new tool for 3D Acrylic Stamping. She just got a kit, and shares her first time experience using it.

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Have Fun!


  1. i like camera man although sometimes …………keep it to ur self mr back seat driver

  2. Was that a rick and morty reference at 7:15 ish? Hahah whispers "little bits" lmao

  3. Did you try these stamps again?

  4. I think I'm going to make a video about your Channel but I want people to see it and I only have 17 subscribers can you help me

  5. I have a nail salon and I like this idea a lot. Would it be too much trouble to do this again with a solid colour next time? Like a light opaque nail and a bright white design. Please???

  6. Why would you decide to do a butterfly when there is a batman right beside it? Whyy…. WHY?? D':

  7. Does Suzie not like the cameraman?.. lol

  8. Hey suzie! Could you do more of these 3D stamps?

  9. I think if you built up the nail with acrylic and stamped into that you could potentially fill in the stamp with gels? then it might be easier to get designs in

  10. It looks more like the state of Texas, lol. Still very pretty ?

  11. Hi dear Suzie!! 🙂
    I love yours tutorials <3
    I like to ask about "aquarium nails", because my clients ask about them, and I feel they are really fat and not so cute. But maybe I'm wrong and make them uncorrect?? If You'll find some time, response please. Best regards!! 🙂

  12. Anyone notice a possible rick and morty reference at 7:15? The 'lil bitsss' haha. I hope it was a ref, I love that show and it would make you even cooler.

  13. Maybe look for cute little stud earrings in fun shapes to use as stamps?

  14. Can you drag a pin through the stamped section to create swirls?

  15. i am going to cry…..they don't have this one anymore and i am dying for that poodle. I am a poodle mom and need this in my life….:(

  16. I hate to say that I couldn't really tell what the design was once it was finished. Have you played with this anymore since March?

  17. Guys but pls don't try to get acrylic nails it gives some type of infection that the blood will turn pink and they can rip of so u know so don't try it guys ??????

  18. Soooo…..where DID you get those blinged out reading glasses.  I want a pair…or 20!

  19. Hi Suzie! I'm very new to nail artistry so I still have A LOT to learn. I've noticed in many YouTube tutorials by other artists that they take a jumbo file then use the side edge to touch the nail diagonally after it's painted. Do you happen to know what they are doing and why it's being done? I can send an example if you need to see one. Thanks!!

  20. can you please do a video of you makeing acrylic powder please

  21. can you please make a video of you makeing those powders that
    you all wais yous on your nails.please?

  22. I hope you do more of these! such an interesting concept.

  23. when she whispered "little bits" I remembered that one episode of Rick and Morty, anyone else?? lol

  24. You definitely make my inner cosmetologist want to do nails again ❤️

  25. Can I use every acrylic dip powder with acrylliquid? I have the dip powder set from Nugenesis. Thanks.

  26. She should have done the batman logo!!!!!!! ???

  27. Did anyone else catch Susie's punt "nobody should use a nail drill until they nailed it" and that look up she gave when she said nail ?

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