3D Dot Nail Art + Sally Hansen x Crayola Spring Fling Swatches!

Easy beginner nail art! Sally Hansen Crayola Swatches! 3D Dot Nails! Please SHARE if you enjoyed this video! XOXO


  • 15pc Nail At Brush Set: Here
  • Dotting Tool Set: Here
  • Shop Sally Hansen + Crayola Spring Fling:
    Target: Here
    Ulta: Here
    Walmart: Here
  • China Glaze – Strong Adhesion Base Coat: Here
  • Sally Hansen – Clearly Quick: Here
  • China Glaze – Liquid Leather: Here
  • OPI – Alpine Snow: Here


  1. Hannah I want to talk with you. Please reply I need your help. Thanks and tutorial is good.

  2. Canary and Sea Green are gorgeous ?? i love your design too.

  3. I'm in love with the colours!! I'm definitely going to try them out. Great design too!

  4. I loved the Melon, and the see green one…

  5. I like Cotton candy but I'm going to get them all!

  6. I stopped using sally hansen after what they did to a korean nail artist. They basically stole her art and pretended they created it. Never apologized either once they got called out. Really sad to see that as a nail artist yourself, you support them.

  7. Hannah you're my favorite …. always bring some new ideas & i love to watch them

  8. So simple and easy we can try it with only one color at base too if we are weak at drawing straight line

  9. Love it! Love the colors sea green and sky blue! I hope some of you can check out my nail art channel!

  10. Hiiii Hannah…!!! ???
    Awesome nail art… I love your nails… ❣️???????????????❤️??????❣️?????….!!!!!

    Cotton candy and Wisteria polish I love the most… ❤️?????? ???!!!

    Thanx for this video Hannah..!!

  11. I love the colors but i find that the instadry polishes crack after a few days even with a base and topcoat, so I stopped buying them

  12. The colours are so pretty, love the nail art!

  13. These are so pretty but I hate those fat brushes. I always make a mess with those. Give me a nice thin brush any day! I'd much rather make a few extra strokes than spend all that time cleaning up.

  14. Love everything about this video, except I can't get these frickin polishes in the UK!

  15. Gorgeous! <3

  16. Haven't yet but i wanna get them for my mom to wear how long do they last?

  17. Melon, Sky Blue and I love how bright Canary is! Great job Hannah! ♥️♥️

  18. Hi very pretty colors??thank you for sharing?

  19. Me encantan!! I love all!!!

  20. I can't find these polishes anywhere. My favorite would be the Canary yellow one. I can only imagine what it looks like in person. Love this video and all of your videos.

  21. hello Hannah love the nail art please respond to me ????

  22. hello Hannah love the nail art please respond to me ????

  23. I literly just bought all those colors yesterday!! I used melon and cottoncandy!! my friends asked how I did it, I said look up on youTube @HannahRoxNails

  24. Too bad we can’t get these in Europe. Sucks so much.

  25. Cute, wysteria reminds me of Essie baguette me not, would you say it's a dupe?

  26. I love the shape of your nails! Great video as always

  27. ? ? ❤ ? ?
    I haven't tried this polish yet, but I Love all the Colors. Thank You So Much for Sharing this Video with us. I Appreciate It.
    ? ? ? ? ?

  28. I love the name of the yellow one bc I am from Canary Islands (Spain) ?

  29. Hi Hannah,i need some advice.When i put nail polish on my toes and i am ready to take it of the polish stains my nail.

  30. I love seeing you applying nail polishes, it's so satisfaying ??

  31. Early! Love you Hannah I am so happy you uploaded!?❤️❤️

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