3D Encapsulated Acrylic Nails – Step by Step Tutorial

Transparent, See-Thru Acrylic is a popular look and Suzie breaks it down in this detailed Step by Step Tutorial showing how to create 3D Encapsulated Acrylic Nails.

0:40 Suzie chooses her Dotting Tool
0:52 Applying the form
1:30 Acrylic Application
4:22 Using Pigments
5:43 Capping and Making Nail Plate
8:22 File for Shape
10:33 Gel Top Coat
12:41 Cuticle Oil
12:48 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products used in this video:


  1. Can someone answer a question for me, I have the bottle she uses for her Motomer and it pools at the top but it goes back in the bottle, when she dips her brush in when I watched in other videos she says not to dip more then once it will make it dirty, isn't she making it dirty by dipping her brush in and letting it go back in the bottle?

  2. I soooo want my nails done you suzie but I live in U.K ? xx

  3. Again another great design I must try! Love your work!

  4. Can you create a new set of nails of is Easter

  5. Great more in Newman's nails please

  6. I absolutely love your videos!! I get a huge kick out of when you toss papers and masks behind you!!! thanks so much for doing these videos!!

  7. Suzie you've got me so inspired to get into nails just not sure if I have sturdy enough had to do it lol

  8. how do you solve an air bubble issue in this designe? take a tooth pick or something and get it fixed quickly before it cures?

  9. I said wow at the same time as cameraman! So beautiful! Love you Suzie!

  10. This woman is such a goddess ? Idk if I want to be her or if I'm in love with her and I don't even care. I don't even do or have false nails but I can't stop watching.

  11. THIS IS SO PRETTY you are so talented ?

  12. ??? i just love ALL of your videos and designs ure amazing girl

  13. what about having to use your non dominant hand?

  14. oh wow! another one I want to do. simply amazing

  15. Hey, Susie I am coming to Canada this winter and hope to stop by the salon.??lots of love.BTW I am sick and binge watching your vids ?

  16. Awsomeness!! These nails rocked it!! Love the originality of it! Great job! I just love watching your videos, even though I do not wear this type of nails… regular polish for me.. — love all the tips you give

  17. i wish they did those kind of nails here :'(

  18. Can you do water marble nails plzzzzz.

  19. Am I the only one who loves her "naked" natural nails? I love that length and shape!

  20. I did my own acrylics for the first time today i wanted to tell you since i learned fron you!! thankyou for all the tips and videos!!!

  21. Imagine if she did this but with like a daisy flower design and some rainbow pigment !!!!spring/summer nails!!!! Suzie please do this I wanna see the video!!!!

  22. When I got my nails done they used the electric file on my natural nail multiple times and used a certain bit to get all of my cuticle off 🙁 took a year to get a healthy nail back

  23. amazing suzie I love youre work !!!!

  24. Very beautiful nails, I love it! !! kisses from Puerto Rico

  25. just beautiful love from rhodes island greece

  26. I love how the man in the camera does not act like he does not know what suzi does. It's so refreshing, not like every boyfriend of beauty guru

  27. hi teach,your best work, Love it

  28. hi suzie, just curious if there is a website or place you would recommend where you can buy monomer and powder in bulk and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg?? I do my nails quite often and it seems like I'm constantly buying more

  29. You are truly amazing to watch! I'm in the dental lab business and also work with my hands, so it really interests me to watch you do your art! You are an amazing artist. I love the way you handle that brush and use the various special effects. You should start a school! This has become a very popular business, and my housemate gets her nails done. However hers doesn't look any different than mine. Nothing fancy, no special art, just the standard manicure that's been around for 100 years. But you, oh my goodness, can transform some of these salons. They should have you come in for a day and pay you what you are worth, a fortune!! Maybe you can come to Massachusetts and just walk into some of these special salons on Newbury Street in Boston. You could get a name for yourself here and really everyone would greatly benefit from your artistic knowledge! Keep up the good work! I'm inspired!!

  30. I can't help but wonder…… do you ever complete your right hand to match the left? lol.

  31. Your almost to a million subscribers ❤?

  32. Hi Suzie, I'm new to your channel..Please,do some video's for natural nails.I would like to know how to do gel nails,chrome pigment etc.. Also, what are the best gel polishes , chrome pigments and led/uv lights… Thank you

  33. What's the blue bottle thing called?

  34. Does anyone know what nail salon Suzie works at?

  35. what if instead you did a layer of acryllic then let it dry all the way and instead of using the dotting tool, use the super duty grinder and grind out some chunks in a patter of something. Then fill with colorful acryllic and clear cap? i think its called. lol just a suggestion. Love ur vids!

  36. do a video where the camera man does acrylic nails! Lol

  37. I just started watching you because Jenna talked about you. I LOVE YOU! I'm obsessed with watching your videos you're funny and sweet and super smart. You've inspired me to stop biting my nails so I can recreate these looks!

  38. Tbh I watch the videos hoping the camera guy will talk hahaha

  39. Suzy, I am your fan! I love all your designs!!

  40. How do you manage with your other hand? Are you able to do that and is it difficult with the non dominant hand?

  41. All the videos are awesome. I love your work. Can you please start your online education. Currently I am in BAHRAIN. I am from India..I am a huge fan of your. I really want to work with you. Hope you reply me.

  42. she's like the nail art version of bob ross

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