3D Lego Nails!


  1. cutepolish makes so cute nail designs

  2. You don't have to use rhinestones you can use drops of clear nail polish too!Just be sure that your base coat and nail polish are dry or else the clear nail polish will melt into you colors.

  3. can you do mini dots of hot glue on parchment paper, let dry then place on?

  4. hey cutepolish nice cosmetic ;D i like this greeting's Alisa 😀

  5. Look like "HARIBO LEGO"
    ?I love it! ?

  6. or you could just paint your nails with clear coat than put the jems on the clear coat then painted over the jems with the colored coat.

  7. This is awesome so realistic??

  8. Sooooooooooo cute☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  9. were did you get the rinestones

  10. also could you do palomino horse faces sometime that would be awesome????

  11. awesome I can trick my lil brother with this

  12. how do people not like this?

  13. I bet this would technique would look great with a candy button design!

  14. Amazing!!!! Please do emojis!! Like if you agree!!?

  15. You could also try to use gel polish and put blobs on your nails and the light will harden it . The nail art would last longer

  16. I love thus its so cute 😉

  17. Ti mettero sempre un mi piace?

  18. In my top 3 for nail art vids

  19. Looks like colorfull udders ?????

  20. My 7yo daughter recreated this design today. Can't get a picture to post here but shared it on FB! Thank you so much.

  21. Aaaaaaand, how I can remove that???

  22. Really……..cute ????????

  23. It is really cool PS have you ever shown your face on the camera

  24. You talked so fast in this video?

  25. cute

       | 〝゙゙゙゙ッ―、
      ミ´∀`  /
      (ヽ   (ヽミ
    (( ミ     ミ
      ミ     ミ
       ミ〟    ソ

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