3D Precious Minerals Galaxy-like Nails

Suzie tries a new spin on the popular Cat Eye, by using a new Magnetic Stylus to create a 3D Galaxy-style Nail Design.

Products Featured in this Video:

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I love this lamp so much that I purchased 10 for my Salon.
Have Fun!



  2. Hey Suzie you kind of copied me I have the same perfume holder

  3. What do you prefer to work with Acrylic nails or Gel nails?

    Love your videos and how you casually throw all your rubbish behind you ?❤

  4. Max makes the most amazing products

  5. Suzie I'm sure you're not aware but I've noticed that this brand is using a logo and design elements that were taken from another company, which they don't appear to have any affiliation with. The stylised E logo on the products and website is taken from Etude House in Korea (specifically the Princess Etoinette collections), and so is some of the packaging like the border design on the monomer bottle.

  6. Oh my gosh it looks the amber

  7. what fuss? I did not see no fuss on her nail!!!?

  8. I don't see a link on here for the magnetic stylus. Where do we purchase it?

  9. I'm not a nail tech… But your videos fascinate me! As much as I love these nail tutorials… I would love to see a hair tutorial! Your hair is always perfect!

  10. that's soo cool,,, and btw….I love it when you say "nuke" !!!

  11. Suzie please make a vlog channel ASAP

  12. I know that the rhinestones were put on for you, but where did you get the tube that you place your hand on while you're doing your nails? Thank you in advance! ??

  13. Suzie I love the watch you used in your reveal shots!!!

  14. Suzie, girrrrl! (read in Jenna Marbles voice)

  15. That was cool! I'm ordering for sure! Need to switch things up in this Muma Bears house!! ???

  16. When is grant coming back!?

  17. Wow looks awesome wish I could try it.

  18. Suzie, you should do a Northern Lights Nail with this!!

  19. I just did something like that but multi colored.

  20. Hi Suzie I have a question for you on my nails. I'm asking you because I think your the best. anyhow, I wash my nails with alcohol to make sure there clean and free of oils as you say. I apply a ridge fell base coat and again I use the alcohol, now I apply my gel polish and cure 30 sec. then a second coat. then my top coat twice I cure first layer 30 sec. and second coat 60 sec and it looks great, but within the hour they come off whole right down to the nail. why didn't it stay on? did I forget something? or not do something right?

  21. Suzie, I broke my nail yesterday and they are super short. They used to be as long as your nails, maybe even longer. I wish I could go to Canada and get my nails done with acrylic by you. In Turkey where I live there are so little nail art salons and the one I went can't do acrylic nails. They looked so unnatural and ugly. Your acrylic nails look so natural before the polish. I just wanted to say that you are an awesome nail artist. You and Simplynailogical inspired me to start painting my nails and do nail art. I wish I could get my nails done by you and I can se us doing a youtube video. Thank you so much for everything and sorry if I have grammar mistakes. I am not English.

    -An 11 year old fan

  22. I don't usually comment on videos, but I really had to on this one because those are absolutely stunning and so simple!? Perfect combination!

  23. can you do more different nail shapes besides the long claws? like short version of oval princess or rounded square, etc instead of long. I know you did short squares for Grant but I'd love a variety! I really enjoy your videos! thanks so much ?

  24. hay I have a question for you my druthers is 12 year old and she want long nails she has really short one now and she really festered with them

  25. wow! looks like milky amber with glitter!

  26. This looked like an difficult nailart but is actually pretty simple. Well Suzie-girl makes it look all so simple XD.

  27. Suzie, gurl! Help me! How do you deal with super curved nail beds?

  28. Dear Suzie, would you possibly be willing to send me your left shoelace? It's for a project.

  29. Suzie can you please do a full gel nail application w all your gel products

  30. This would be more amazing with a kinda blue design…

  31. Her voice is soooo soothing
    Bed Time story voice ?

  32. hei suzi i'am rozy y want to know how do you have stranght on you'r nails and still have tips and nail polish on mine are terrible and thick

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