3D Sandwich Technique ‘Wedding Confetti’ Gel Nail

Suzie’s uses a ‘sandwich’ technique to create a layered Gel Nail perfect for a bride.

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  1. yes come through with the royal weddings nails!!!!

  2. Soft ,subtle and beautiful. Loving the layered dots, so effective. Celina Ryden will be proud.

  3. That isn’t the ring finger….

  4. Oh wow u actually did open them all at once.?? I was only about 10 minutes in when I made the first comment ?

  5. Knowing my impatient self I would have just opened them all at one time! Lol instead of opening each one at a time? great patience, great video, great outfit, thanks for the good content !???

  6. Wow awesome a new subscriber

  7. Suzie could You please tell me how do you take care of your cuticles? 🙂

  8. Gorgeous. Would this design work just using gel polish? If so please please please cab you do a video to demonstrate ?❤ xxx

  9. it looks like confetti!! i could imagine really pretty birthday nails with fun bold colours instead of the beige neutral tones. i absolutely love this nail look though, obsessed!!

  10. Gorgeous Nails and Colors??

  11. did any one eles notice the  glitter in hard nail gel ?

  12. Hi suzie I was just wondering are acrylic nails bad for you because some people say they are and some people say there not and I’m wondering if to use them or not do you have any advice

  13. My nails are natural, I hardly ever wear nailpolish, but I really love ❤️ your videos!
    Greetings from Finland ??.

  14. Could you do a video on hard gel, soft gel and gel polish? I always wondered about the differences.

  15. Can you please make a video about thickness of nail ? I haven’t found a video that explains how thick a nail should be . Thanks ?

  16. Your videos are awesome Suzie <3

  17. I think this is one of my favourite designs yet! Beautiful!

  18. AHH I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SOO MUCH, just what I need after my second week of exams I love you Suzie! Great work from cameraman too, the editing is incredible ❤

  19. This is STUNNING, any bride would be happy with this design! Love these together!!

  20. Wow!This is such a beautiful girly design! The atmosphere is fantastic! Love,love,love ??????

  21. Love the lace – made the concept you used on the nails pop even more… Love is in the details.

  22. Love it???. I have a question can we put normal polish over acrylic nails? .

  23. When Suzie opened the silver color gel I literally let out a, "Mmmmm…" sound.
    It looks sooooooo nice. ?

  24. Hello, I was wondering because you lifted the top coat away from the light…. should we be careful of the light even though these gel polishes are in black jars?? Thank-you for sharing. Have a very lovely day!!

  25. love the nail design! ps suzie I can see your fake tan line on your hands,

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