3D Tetris Nails | Nerd Nail Series

Hi guys! Today I have another episode to add to my Nerd Nail Series. This DIY nail art design was inspired by the retro video game, Tetris. It’s a really fun and cute look to express your inner nerd. Enjoy!

Here’s where I bought the colorful nail studs used in this video: (Free worldwide shipping!)


  1. Cool and creative nails! Can you do Mario and Luigi nails?

  2. cool!!! but the colors for the different shapes are wrong

  3. I am shocked when I see so many nail polishes behind her!

  4. Can you have a nail polish stash

  5. were did you get the wax pencil

  6. I would love to see Luigi nails….I'm a huge fan of Luigi and Mario ❤ Thank you for reading •u•

  7. Why did you stop the nerd nail series?

  8. can i ask a request? legend of zelda pls? ^_^ i really love nail arts.. and hoping to do them myself. love ur channel!

  9. Five nights a freddys plz

  10. Omg!If only the studs had GLITTET!!X3

  11. Could you do a crossy road one? Love the Minecraft one!!!!

  12. could you do Dr WHO nails I absolutely love Dr WHO

  13. Please do some Harry Potter nails

  14. Can you do a sims themed nail tutorial?

  15. Cool. I want to be your best friend. Answer. I'm a. Nerd

  16. This isn't a nerd request but can you do some celebrities like Michael bubble please xxxx

  17. You should try painting a moustache on your nails

  18. Do a minecraft nail art pls

  19. I know this is silly and not particularly nerdy, but…Undertale?

  20. These look really cute! You should do Earthbound themed nails at some point. Like maybe you could do the Mr. Saturns from the series.

  21. Nice to know she read the Tetris Wikipedia page?

  22. Here are some suggestions I have and have not seen here in the comments that I would love to see in the nerd series:
    Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Bejeweled, Game Console Logos ( Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo)

  23. this was pretty clever on your part! I love this nerd nail series! it has inspired me to try my hand in nail design. I have officially 1 year clean of biting my nails. I had done ever since I was little, maybe 5 or 6 and struggled with it up until 2014, when I decided I wanted a different kind of attention than I was getting with my bitten nails. My nails are much better today and now that I properly take care of them, I want to give them some life! I love you videos, they are easy to follow along with and very creative. Keep up the great work!

  24. Walking dead game would be cool but most likely hard

  25. can you do a Polish blasts nail art please.

  26. Ooh could you do a Zelda theme one?! That would be awesome!!

  27. you should do plants vs zombies!

  28. WOW thats a lot of nail polish!!!

  29. How are you very sure that the Tetris blocks will not come off when you wash your hands?

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