1. bellisimo!!! i truly love your work its beautyfull!!!

  2. The Nails Queen I love you! You're my inspiration! Ive learned so much from you! ????

  3. Gorgeous i did love them before anything was on them but still stunning xxx ?

  4. Love these???? Wish you could do my nails ??

  5. what is that stuff skin that you peal off

  6. love love love try with just unicorns with rainbows.

  7. Amazing!!! I truly love all your work and would love to rock it!!!!!

  8. I love your design especially the ombré! The colors you choose to use are perfect together and stand out and I love the Holographic effect you gave them. Thank you for sharing

  9. Hola una pregunta que número pinceles son?

  10. Sometimes less is more so if you have nothing nice to say maybe say nothing at all. So pretty, I would love to wear this set. Jealousy of your talent is an ugly thing. xxx

  11. it's very very beautifull ? ? ? love ? ? ? ? ? angélique

  12. Nice set and colors. I Love it !

  13. love your videos need to see more

  14. Hi… Solo quiero tu canal en español amo tu trabajo

  15. I love how you work! you have a picture in your mind and you want the nails to come out how you picture them for example the ambre with the pink purple and blue it so perfectly combined and if you don't like how it looks you keep doing it until the perfect ambre. LOVE THE NAILS!!!??????

  16. me encantarooooon! lo unico que pense fue en todo el esfuerzo al hacer el ombré de 3 colores y luego se tapo con el holografico pero aun asi se ven hermosas!

  17. I totally love the nails! I really, really do.

  18. They are pretty specials unicorn the other has to much bulky stuff on it

  19. all the work efect hombre its cover up for efect holografic

  20. love the horn idea with the acrylic.

  21. pretty, it's like a hand full of accent nails

  22. Beautiful design! That unicorn nail is amazing! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  23. u always make beautyful nails. thnx for sharing 7:40 what are u jusing here??

  24. Me encantaría ver más videos en español. ?

  25. Love the way you did the unicorn nail??? tfs

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