4 Bigger Butt Workout | Get The Perfect Bubblicious Butt With This Routine!

This bubble butt workout will challenge your glute muscles to get bigger, rounder and sexier. When it comes on to getting a bigger butt you don’t have to go rogue by doing butt implants or pills.

This routine is all you need to grow and build a sexy butt. When doing these routine keep rest time below 20 seconds for maximum results.

Its the intensity of the workout that will give you awesome results provided that your including enough protein in your diet. This will help to grow your glute muscles.


  1. I just Hope to god that this works?cuz i NEED A booty?

  2. Ima do this until the end of August and I promise I'll bring back results

  3. is it hard for anyone else to do this? I don't know why I can't even keep my legs straight or go that high on the 1st and 2nd

  4. imagem doing the first one and your parents come in and then they say what are you doing
    you: umm nothing just dropped something

  5. anyone want to do this with me. we can motivate each other each day and stuff.. working out is better with someone else. 🙂

  6. Is it okay if I don't do the first one? Because I have a really shaky table and I don't want my dad walking into the kitchen at like eleven at night screaming at me for plopping my body against the table.

  7. can we do the table kickbacks on a bed????

  8. can we do this a 30 day challenge?

  9. I broke two tables and my mom trying to do the first one.

  10. Can we add more reps with time? Should I increase sets or reps after I do this for a while?

  11. I have question what foods we have to eat for I bottoms to grow and what foods we have to avoid?

  12. I have question what foods we have to eat for I bottoms to grow and what foods we have to avoid?

  13. the table one…what to do if my hip bones hurt like well against the hard wood? lol ;p

  14. Did anyone saw results, and how long it takes?

  15. if you add ankle weights do you think you'll see bigger results?

  16. can you make a video about foods to eat that will help the butt muscles grow

  17. How quickly do you see results ? I am 5,4 and have a small bum , I have tried a lot of workouts but nothing seems to work

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