4 Brazilian Butt Lift Workout | The Ultimate Brazilian Booty Workout!

We all know that Brazilian women are famous for their toned sexy butts, which spawned the term – Brazilian Butt Lift workout!. There are tons of Brazilian butt lift routines therefore we have compiled the top 4 workouts that are normally feature in any Brazilian butt routine.

So if getting a perky butt lift is your aim, then this will be the routine you’re looking for.

Remember to do a 5 min warm up before do any workout routine as this will get your muscles ready for growth. Between each set make to get 20s rest but don’t go over that time frame as you want to maintain the intensity to maximize your glutes growth.


  1. I think i can try this but if i tried it i will update

  2. i started today, i will keep u updated and say if it works

  3. I'm starting this today I'll be back in 2 weeks and I'll let you guys know how it went if anybody cares lol

  4. is this workout suits for a beginner

  5. Does this make your butt bigger?

  6. wow..so many positive comments I'll try it for 2 months and I'll update my results ❤

  7. I'm gonna be doing this and let you guys know the result next week !!!

  8. Y'all want this shit to attract boys but whenever we grabs y'all ass at school or sum y'all showing attitude

  9. I just started doing this today and imma be giving updates if anyone cared lmao

  10. Do u pick one and do it or do u do all of them ??

  11. Does it work and if it does can someone send my before and after pics

  12. For the extended leg lifts, is it normal that I can lift one leg higher than the other? Will it affect the results?

  13. It actually worksss !! Thank you so much

  14. When it say sets do it mean both sides

  15. thank you this was very helpful I've been doing this for 3 months and I'm not playing

  16. When you say 'sets' do you mean on each side if the exercise involves the legs?

  17. i was wondering if you guys could do bubble butt gym based workouts thankyou !

  18. will it make my butt smaller?

  19. does it really work ?
    cause I have a little toned butt ?

  20. I love doing the bridges u do 200 and you can really feel the burn

  21. do we do 3 sets on each leg on the donkey kicks

  22. Did this and saw results instantly! Thanks

  23. This video is awesome!! Loved the exercises!! ?❤?

  24. how long will it take to see results

  25. how fast does this work???? How long does it take to see results?? How many times of this workout??

  26. can you make a video for bigger calves?

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