4 Cute & Easy Hairstyles | New Pastel Pink Hair!

Here’s how to do 4 cute & easy hairstyles that are quick, simple & easy! Featuring my new pastel pink hair!
In this video I show you guys how to achieve 4 Cute hairstyles that are perfect for Back to school, work or even the gym! Don’t forget to let me know down below what videos you want to see next! I might do a DIY or a Hack video again soon! – Roxi


  1. When your hair is to dark and nothing shows???????

  2. I used this hair dye, its great, however it does fade really easy (i know thats how it's advertised and it should wash out quickly but i would love something more permanent does anyone have any recommendations?)

  3. I have a question for you do you want to collor your hair brouwn sorry for my bad english

  4. hey Roxxaurus what kind of curling iron are you using? like what's the brand name and how much is it and where could I find one? I'm not only asking Roxxaurus if anyone out there knows please tell me…..please

  5. what colour can you see if you have reeally dark brown hair

  6. But the 1-2 week was in colour is really good 🙂

  7. I tried the spray and it's rubbish ?

  8. I really want one hair dyer ♡♡

  9. where did u get your curling wand at

  10. I love ur videos…. and I'm like… mad for those coloristas….. not available… here… one for me plz… ❤

  11. my favourite one was the last one !! x

  12. I liked it better half pink half white but the pink on its own still works

  13. I'm so sad since i am a brunette I can't dye my hair without killing it first

  14. why are ur brows so dark lmao

  15. I know I could never pull of anything here but I just watch it because I like her?

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